Kaley Cuoco and Sharon Stone star in the television show "The TVLine

Kaley Cuoco and Sharon Stone star in the television show "The TVLine ...

THE PERFORMERS | Kaley Cuoco and Sharon Stone

THE SHOW | The Flight Attendant

THE EPISODE |Brothers & Sisters (May 12, 2022)

THE PERFORMANCE | Whereas the last weeks episode was distressing, given Cassies'' falls(s) off the wagon, this weeks return home was savage, as Cassie and her estranged mother endured a very unexpected, conflicting reunion.

Before the reunion, Cuoco had already sent a raw, unsettling reading of Cassies'' letter to her and Davey''s not-so-dearly son, so we were already in her corner, hoping that any sort of victory would come. But when Lisa met her kids with a grownled, Jesus, Davey. We both knew that another emotional journey would take place.

Cassie performed her best to set a fun tone, but Lisa could only talk about how her daughter and her friends used to hold house parties and steal from her. Now that they were all caught up, Lisa asked, what are we going to talk about on our Christmas phone call?

As mom and kids moved to the kitchen, much more catching-up was needed, and Cassie overheard Lisa bemoaning her presence. This is where Cuoco and Stone dove hard into the material at hand, poking at old, unhealed wounds, and blurting out tough words.

I am sorry for being a sweet child, especially after his father died. Cassie admitted that taking responsibility for my life and my actions is a major part of my journey now, and apologized once more for not being kinder as a kid.

And mom did not care.

Is that the case? Because if that is, I dont think we are addressing this issue here, Lisa said, as Stone crossed over to stand beside T.R. Knights Davey, giving the sense of an intervention. Nobodys mad at you for what you did when you were little in the wake of the fathers'' drunk-driving death. Before rattling off instances of Cassies crappy, grown-up antics, you think an apology will just wax it all away!

Stone explained that Lisa was armed for bear and had years of care to get off her chest throughout this discussion. Cassie was then depicted as confused and wounded, someone who truly believed an Im sorry would sanitize a sordid past.

As Lisa revealed that her daughter was still no stranger to eat, Cassie argued that it''s hard to turn off the lights and then tried to turn the tables and ask why Davey, who left the house, got a free pass? Youre hoped to develop and learn and move on.

Cassie admitted that her dad made me feel special and that her time with him threw her away. That''s horrible, and she again offered. When Cassie asked what she has to do to prove she is getting better. So, I do. But I do. At least. Lisa admitted to going to work, leaving behind an apoplectic Cassie and pulsating a nine-minute sequence.

HONORABLE MENTION | Jessica Biels'' strong and layered performance as the titular character in Hulus Candy was powerful in spite of her Mrs. Roper wig and oversized glasses. In all, we saw Candy morph with her homicidal characters, revealing lust, guilt, deception, rebellion, and ultimately, blood-soaked volcanic rage. When it comes to the real case, we will never know. Biels'' five-part turn as an attention hungry, suburban alpha mom, who used

Ava Daniels walked on eggshells while she was disgruntled with the guilt she experienced over her bogus accomplice. When Hannah arrived, she learned she was suing her for contract breach, but it was Einbinders finesse that made it all so effective.

HONORABLE MENTION | We need only three words to describe our reaction to Grey Damons'' surprise performance on Thursdays Station 19: We. Were. Gutted. The tour de force deserves more than three, however. After the episode began with him, Jack expressed his uninteresting admiration and dreadful sadness about discovering that he had even more siblings, all of whom had been kept and raised by his parents. Later, Damon opened a vein as his antagonist unleashed his anger toward having been passed

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