On IMDb, the Top 10 Most Low-Rated Picture Oscar Winners

On IMDb, the Top 10 Most Low-Rated Picture Oscar Winners ...

The first Academy Awards were held at a private dinner session with a total of 270 people. Cut to 93 years later, the awards have become the most prestigious in the international entertainment industry, watched by millions of people eager to see the best films of the year.

Although, audiences don''t always agree with the Academy''s verdicts, sometimes, voters honor films that the public isn''t too fond of for one reason or another. A short walk through IMDb will reveal that some controversial Best Picture Oscar winners, like Shakespeare in Love or Around the World in 80 Days, haven''t faced the test of time.

10) ''''Shakespeare in Love'''' (1998)

Shakespeare in Love sees a young William Shakespeare out of both ideas and money, meeting a woman of his dreams, in whom he finds inspiration to compose Romeo and Juliet. It''s a sweet and accessible period piece, which earned it 7 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

It has a 7.1 rating on IMDb, which is quite comparable to the 8.6 rating of 1999''s other frontrunner, Saving Private Ryan. This is because a lot of the success attributed to Harvey Weinstein''s aggressive Oscar campaign, which has altered its age.

9) ''''Going My Way'''' (1944)

On IMDb, this classic low-key comedy has a good score of 7.0. In it, youthful Father Chuck O''Malley (Bing Crosby) is sent to a dwindling New York parish where his street smarts help him connect with a ruthless band of boys.

Going My Way is simple, amusing, and enjoyable. It''s an entirely harmless good day, but not exactly something IMDb users consider Oscar-worthy. Especially not in a year where double Indemnity and Gaslight were also the finest Picture contenders.

8) ''''The Great Ziegfield'''' (1936)

Florenz Ziegfield Jr. is a famous producer who became Broadway''s most famous biopic, which features a very impressive character.

The film, which is cruising in at three hours, is generally overlong and self-indulgent, with plot points that go nowhere and an uneven first half. Despite being an exorcise, the audience does not like how Ziegfield is painted in a positive light. It''sn''t terrible, but it is certainly not great.

7) ''''Gigi'''' (1958)

This old-fashioned musical comedy (which won eight other Oscars along with its Best Picture victory) tells the story of Gigi (Leslie Caron), a glamorous high-society girl qui is looking for one of the few things that money cannot buy: love.

On IMDb, all of the other nominees have a higher rating than Gigi, which has a 6.7. Most people find it a very average musical, not to mention the shame of its creepy pedophilic and misogynistic undertones: there is literally a song about little girls growing up to become mistresses of wealthy older men.

6) ''''Around the World in 80 Days'''' (1956)

A Victorian Englishman played by David Niven makes a wager that he can travel the globe in a matter of eighty days in this comedic adaptation of Jules Verne''s classic book.

The Ten Commandments, which stars James Dean, and Cecil B. DeMille''s Biblical film, are all in conflict, but it''s no wonder why this isn''t one of the Academy''s most well-received decisions.

5) ''''The Greatest Show on Earth'''' (1952)

The Greatest Show on Earth, which has a score of 6.6, isn''t very appropriately named. This two-and-a-half-hour drama depicts the lives of trapeze artists, a clown, and an elephant trainer against the backdrop of a circus event.

Users are concerned about how Cecil B. DeMille prefers sheer acting rather than a compelling story or rich character writing. They consider the plot to be unanswered. The outcome of the film, according to High Noon, is also utterly painful.

4) ''''Tom Jones'''' (1963)

IMDb users hold the victory of this comedy about an 18th-century man''s romantic adventures in the midst of one of the most fascinating decades in American cinema, which they haven''t received enough respect.

Although the film''s costumes and sets are exceptional, it''s about as far as it goes. The trite narrative is considered witless and shallow, and Tony Richardson''s performance is sloppy and unfunny. With the historical epic Cleopatra and the classic Western How the West Was also competing for the Academy''s top honor, it''s unlikely there were any more worthy films that year.

3) ''''Cavalcade'''' (1933)

This early-Hollywood drama demonstrates the ups and downs of two English families, one upper-class and the other working-class. Their lives are affected by events like Queen Victoria''s death, the Titanic''s sinking, and World War I.

Cavalcade is a somewhat experimental film, but IMDb users in general (having given it a somewhat poor score of 5.9) don''t seem to expect a very successful experiment. The film is criticized for its ludicrous plot twists, ludicrous and uninteresting characters, and ludicrous domestic drama.

2) ''''Cimarron'''' (1931)

Cimarron, a Western drama, tells a newspaper writer who travels to an Oklahoma boom town with his unwilling wife before the end of the nineteenth century.

The film''s technique and expansive scope are praised, but it did not keep it from getting a 5.9 on IMDb. Users are chastised by its cliched dialogue, uninteresting storylines, and especially its harmful abundance of racist stereotypes. Despite the fact that there wasn''t particularly strong competition that year, many believe anything not as emotional as this would have been a better choice.

1) ''''The Broadway Melody'''' (1929)

The silent drama Wings (1927) is still holding up quite well. Its sequel was The Broadway Melody, which, with a rating of 5.6 on IMDb, hasn''t even aged quite as nicely. It''s about two sisters from the vaudeville circuit who try to make it big on Broadway, but their heart is in jeopardy.

The Broadway Melody, according to IMDb, is shady, tedious, and awkward, and it features bad acting, forgettable lyrics, unappealing camerawork, and terrible jokes that despise women. Fortunately, all Quiet on the Western Front, considered one of the best anti-war films ever, will follow the result.

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