The CBS remake of the Gender-Swapped 'Early Edition' has been declared canceled

The CBS remake of the Gender-Swapped 'Early Edition' has been declared canceled ...

Nobody with early perspective on the news might alter the fate of the Early Edition reboot. CBS has opted to move on from the pilot that would''ve given the classic 1990s drama a fresh lease of life with a gender-flipped main character. This is, however, the first classic television reboot that will not be available.

Alice Eve is at odds with her mentor who believes in focusing on the human toll of a story when she receives the newspaper today, and she takes her from looking for scoops to changing them entirely. Charles Michael Davis, Jay Ali, and Fiona Rene also appeared in the pilot.

Chandler was introduced as a regular Chicago Sun-Times executive as early as possible, with an odd ginger tabby cat. The difference between the two is because Beth was an investigative journalist who opened the door for plot lines about conflicts of interest. Gary''s moral issues often involved deciding who was worth supporting and what outrageous headlines were most likely to change for the better.

Melissa Glenn was set to write and executive produce the reboot series, with Bob Brush and DeVon Franklin also on board as executive producers, and Jenna Nicholson as co-executive producer for Franklin Entertainment. Sony Pictures Television and AFFIRM Television were working in collaboration with CBS Studios.

Chandler initially thought of the Early Edition reboot, but he wasn''t necessarily surprised, although it made him laugh. In an exclusive interview with Collider, he reminisced about his time with the show.

I was directing, editing, writing, and acting, and I realised how important it was to get everyone involved in the process. That was fantastic.

On CBS, the original Early Edition lasted four seasons from 1996 to 2000.

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