Edgar Wright delves into theories and is directing a 'Doctor Who' episode

Edgar Wright delves into theories and is directing a 'Doctor Who' episode ...

Edgar Wright is a well-known filmmaker who enjoys watching his work no matter how often he does, and some fans expressed the possibility that he would have seen an episode of Doctor Who, which he directed from Last Night In Soho and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. He took to Instagram to show two images that depict people thinking about the iconic ship known as the TARDIS that the Doctor uses to travel through space and time.

One user shared on Twitter the two photographs, one of which was a TARDIS blue door, with the caption: "Edgar Wright, the director of Last Night in Soho, has posted the following two photographs on his Instagram. Could be anything but I cant help but just imagine the TARDIS."

Wright has since denied the claim and added that it was a "Untrue!" remark. At this moment, it doesn''t seem like Wright is planning to go ahead and take on all of time with new Doctor Ncuti Gatwa or returning head writer Russell T. Davies, who liked Wright''s image on Instagram.

token directors are some of the series'' most well-known artists, with Richard Curtis'' episode of Doctor Who titled "Vincent and the Doctor." So Wright would be a new step for the show to introduce what could be termed "prestige" directors.

Gatwa is a shift in pace for the series as well, an actor who is already quite well-known in America due to his Netflix series Sex Education. Throughout the years, the show has begun to instill actors that may be familiar rather than having the Doctor be a relative unknown (which was the case for Matt Smith and quite the case for David Tennant).

It''s likely that bringing in a director like Wright would be an interesting choice for the series, but Wright appears to have completely dismissed the idea with his "untrue" remark. It''d be a nice thing for fans of Wright and the series. However, we might be waiting for a director of Wright to reprise the series.

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