Every 'Friday the 13th' film is ranked from Worst to Best

Every 'Friday the 13th' film is ranked from Worst to Best ...

The fourth part of the Friday the 13th series does not include Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder), the infamous masked mass-murderer of horny teens and dope-smoking counselors in the greater Crystal Lake area. Not so surprisingly, it occurs in The Final Chapter, which is the most well-directed and inventive volume in the franchise, but in strong competition with the deliriously entertaining sixth part, Jason Lives!. But not much before, Tommy Jar

The series, started by Sean S. Cunningham, began as well as sober, to become increasingly inexcusive with camp and ludicrous pleasures, culminating in a pile of cheap, cheesy narrative gimmicks or grim gore. I decided to look at what has been most successful in the Friday the 13th films, and what has to be the subject of countless parodies and cinephilic derision.

This article, according to the editor, was last updated on May 12.

12.Jason X

Jason X suggests a bit of exuberant fan-fiction - Jason Goes to Space. Although the film''s central twist, which involves Jason being frozen for decades and then "accidentally" thawed out in the future while being transported to Earth 2, is disharrayed to say the least. Yet, director Jim Isaac, who is well known for his special effects work in Gremlins and David Cronenberg, does not have much fun with the material, and the social interactions don''t have

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11.Friday the 13th (2009)

The film for this 2009 reboot is more comfortable from top to bottom, especially in terms of Part III and The Final Chapter. Unfortunately, the script for this reboot is horrifying, and I''m not assuming the flaws of the whole sequel, but rather examining the plot''s plots and the consequences. This reboot simply takes the filmic DNA and makes them more grim.

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10.Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

The first of the series, A New Beginning, features the young Tommy Jarvis, who has become the hero of three installments, including the first of which is this bizarre, unsettling horror film. That''s why the film, directed by Danny Steinmann, enacts a twist ending that gives the audience a strange and bizarre ruthless feeling, and gives the surroundings an impressively loopy feel.

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Jason Takes Manhattan on Friday the 13th - Part VIII

The film''s premise is incredibly mellow, allowing the world''s greatest expert on machete-wielding and general brutality to loose on The City That Never Sleeps. Despite the fact that Jason takes on the role of a rabidly murderer on the boat, the performances are certainly disappointing, although even the moving performance of Jason on the High Seas is not surprising. Sequences are surprisingly straightforward here, particularly in the long runtime in New York City, but the producers still

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8.Friday the 13th - Part VII: The New Blood

The New Blood was created in the time of Scanners, which may explain why anybody (anybody!) felt the need to match Jason up against a young telepath. In this case, the telepath also seems to be a curious and damaged blonde who accidentally brings Jason back from the dead when she begins to remember how she killed her father on the same stretch of Crystal Lake. Yes, it''s convoluted, and the fact that the telepath storyline is given a bogus sense of self-s

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7.Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

The creators of the series were unable to agree on the narrator''s conclusions as much as possible. Cronenberg''s action focuses mostly on body horror and demonic worm-like creatures like those seen in Cronenberg''s Shivers, but the gimmicky sequence is not in the way of the original plot.

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6.Freddy vs. Jason

In this highly anticipated match-up between a brutish, mentally- challenged mass murderer and the homicidal pedophile, there may be no line as repugnant and cringe-worthy as "How sweet, dark meat." However, as such, Ronny Yu made a shadowy, cliche scene that was deemed as superior to what it was intended. The script, however, loses its essential trashiness, but what''s left is appropriate, if not always.

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5.Friday the 13th - Part II

Jason is seen wearing an eyehole as his head down, he will play his father with a cloth and a knife, giving him the right direction for his actions. This is the first film that featured Steve Miner in the series, which features a slew of narratives, as well as a lot of horror horror movies (Soul Man) and drama (Forever Young). Here, Miner is able to concentrate on the proceedings with an energetic pace and skill, making for an admirably tight bit of trash.

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4.Friday the 13th

The slasher sub-genre''s aesthetic is both professional and entertaining, but it almost works in its favor under these particular circumstances. Like the New York slasher classic Maniac, the graininess of the film stock and the lowness of the production design, serves as ideal vicinity for this inaugural murder spree, with Mother Voorhees slicing up a bunch of counselors fixing up the ol''s Camp Crystal Lake. There''s also a level of gonzo and over

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3.Friday the 13th - Part III

Part III of the Jason Voorhees saga was particularly enjoyable, partly due to the Hey! look at me, ma!-style shooting, as well as some striking detours, including one of the first two films to the point where Jason encounters a particularly rude, curly-haired teen who gets his kicks scaring his fellow counselors and friends.

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2.Friday the 13th - Part VI: Jason Lives

Jason Lives! is the last notable Friday the 13th film, and it''s certainly the most engaging one in the whole series. Here, Jason did not just stand in as the ruining force of the Reagan era, which was until the fifth iteration. There''s a wide spectrum of machete targets here, and the overall range of jokes, deaths, and interactions is much, much wider than in any other chapter of the series. Here, there''s a fuller sense of the world of Crystal Lake, as

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1.Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter is the newest Friday the 13th film, adorned with fantastic scenes that propel Jason Lives! into a delirious experience, yet more of a slasher in its basic narrative DNA. This is where we first meet Tommy Jarvis, Jason''s primary nemesis if there is one, and the final face-off between Jarvis and Jason is quite unsettling, although the plot contains some disturbing, if not entirely convincing psychology. This wasn''t the kind of performance Feldman

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