Liam Neeson and Ciaran Hinds on a Mission in 'In the Land of Saints and Sinners'

Liam Neeson and Ciaran Hinds on a Mission in 'In the Land of Saints and Sinners' ...

In the Land of Saints and Sinners, fans of Liam Neeson and Ciaran Hinds were given the first look photographs of the two. While the film is currently in production, the two photographs included a shot of Neeson with a pistol pointed at the camera and one of both Neeson and Hinds on a cliff side with Neeson shooting a different pistol out.

Markus Barmettler, Philip Lee, Bonnie Timmermann, and Terry Loane are all actors in the film "In the Land of Saints and Sinners," directed by Kieran Corrigan, Ehud Bleiberg, Danny Dimbort, Nicholas Bennett, Victor Hadida, Marc Jacobson, Lorenz, Adrian Grabe, Daniel Fluri, and Marcel Gloor.

The script was written by Mark Michael McNally and Loane, and the film is currently being shot in County Donegal, the Republic of Ireland, alongside Irish stars including Hinds, Kerry Condon, and Jack Gleeson, who may be remembered as Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones.

Following the lines of Lee and Barmettler about the film, we are so excited to get these first look photographs, one of Liam and Ciaran together on our beautiful location here in County Donegal, and one of Liam on set.

An interesting concept: A retired assassin is re-created into a cat and mouse game that testifies his abilities. It''s possible that Hinds and Neeson are working together in some ways. Even though we don''t know much about it, getting to see them in these first look is sufficient to get fans excited about the film. What''s going wrong with Neeson and Hinds at the helm?

Below are some information about In the Land of Saints and Sinners:

Ciaran Hinds (The Marksman, Trouble With The Curve) plays the role in the feature film on county Donegal in Ireland, with Robert Lorenz and Terry Loane acting. The screenplay includes scenes from the films including Avengers: Endgame, The Banshees of Inisherin, and Jack Gleeson.

A newly retired assassin discovers himself drawn into a lethal game of cat and mouse with a trio of horrifying terrorists in the Land of Saints and Sinners.

There is currently no release date for In the Land of Saints and Sinners.

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