How To Watch 'Firestarter' (2022): Is the Reboot on Streaming?

How To Watch 'Firestarter' (2022): Is the Reboot on Streaming? ...

Firestarter will have a big premiere this Friday, May 13th. It has been a long time since the trailer was released in February. This is a remake of the 1984 film that featured a young Drew Barrymore as Charlie McGee.

Charlie (who will be played by Ryan Kiera Armstrong in the next film) is a young girl who has excellent abilities that put her at danger of harming herself and others. She can create and manipulate fire.

Vicky (Sydney Lemmon) believes it is best to teach Charlie how to control her power, which is fueled by her emotions. However, Charlie''s father, Andy (Zac Efron) believes it''s best to keep the power hidden. Frozen, a Disney film, is almost as if Charlie had never seen it before. Even though Charlie controls fire rather than ice and snow, he''s still setting her up to become a ticking time bomb.

When Firestarter comes out, here are some suggestions.

Will Firestarter Have a Theatrical Release?

Yes, this Blumhouse Production will have a wide theatrical release in the United States on Friday, May 13th. Check availability for ticket pre-sales to reserve your seats because this fiery blockbuster will be mind-blowing on the big screen.

Will Firestarter be available for streaming anywhere?

Peacock is the only streaming platform that will have Firestarter available on the day of the release. With a Peacock Premium membership, you will receive Firestarter as well as thousands of hours of other films and television shows with limited ad interruption for $4.99 per month. Nonetheless, if you prefer your viewing experience to be ad-free, you may have to sign up for the premium plus membership, which is $9.99 per month.

Following a deal between Comcast and Amazon last year, Amazon Prime Video and/or Freevee will stream Firestarter for ten months, after leaving Peacock.

Other Stephen King Adaptations on Peacock

It makes sense to seek out films that were inspired by the same horrifyingly talented person who wrote Firestarter. Peacock is no stranger to Stephen King adaptations and boasts quite the collection. Check out the list below to see if any of these suggestions spark interest.

Watching the original movie on Firestarter (1984) is an absolute must before seeing it. Sure, this movie was created in the 80s and reflects that at times, but the special effects and CGI used were significantly impressive and tasteful for that period. If you have read the book or seen the original film, chances are you may consider waiting until after watching the remake to avoid spoilers.

Creepshow (1982) - The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill is a horror thriller directed by George A. Romero. It features five short stories written by Stephen King, including a prologue and an epilogue. Another cameo appearance is Tom Savini, who has coached Romero extensively on previous projects such as Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Day of the Dead (1985).

Needful Things (1993) is based on the King novel, which is set in Castle Rock, Maine. A mysterious man named Leland Gaunt (Max Von Sydow) comes into town and opens an antique store called Needful Things. The consequences usually outweigh or negate the original desire or desire. In an episode of Rick and Morty, Summer (Spencer Grammar) gets her first job at a store called Needful Things.

A Good Marriage is based on the Peacock streaming platform for the time being. When Darcy Anderson (Joan Allen) discovers a disturbing piece of pornography in her husband''s possession, she finds the wallet of a missing lady who is a suspect in the killing of Beadie. This time, she attempts to persuade her to feel sympathy for him because he has been heavily influenced by his deceased childhood friend. This may be the case for A Good Marriage.

This two-part miniseries follows the original 1984 Firestarter. Charlie McGee (Marguerite Moreau) is a grown woman who is now studying to suppress her pyrokinetic abilities. After discovering Charlie that there was never a lawsuit settlement, Vincent Sforza (Malcolm McDowell) approached him to try and achieve the LOT-6 by revealing that he was unintentionally sent to him by John Rainbird (Dennis Hopper) who was supposedly burned to death from

The Ledge, a sequel to Stephen King''s Eye, is based on three short stories that seem unrelated to each other. At the same time, James Woods is forced to hang on the ledge and pleading for his help. The first story, called Quitters Inc., focuses on another type of addiction: gambling. General realizes that the girl is being attacked by a small troll during the day.

This Amazon Prime Original film stars Chris Pratt as the military veteran Dan Forester. When people from 30 years in the future return to the present day to assist, they are in charge of becoming more aware of the world''s threats. They are both intelligent, fast, resilient, and aggressive. Every day, the destruction of human remains improves. Armstrong may be young, but Drew Barrymore is caught off-guard when the Colonel he reports to be his adult daughter, Muri Forester (Yvonne Strahovski).

Don''t forget to get your tickets to Firestarter this Friday, May 13th, or consider your membership options for Peacock to watch from the comfort of home!

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