'Tremors' star Fred Ward dies at 79

'Tremors' star Fred Ward dies at 79 ...

Fred Ward, the brusque man of action in films like Tremors, The Right Stuff, and Henry & June, died at the age of 79, as confirmed by his publicist Ron Hofmann. Even in his heyday, he took to the screen as a relic of an enticing period, with a sense of grit, charm, and tenderness reminiscent of Clark Gable. No cause of death is currently known for the actor.

Ward was a lumberjack and a boxer before being a voice-over actor in the Air Force and then starring in the film Silkwood.

In a surprisingly well-known film, Ward played the gruff Earl Bassett opposite Kevin Bacon''s Valentine McKee. It was partly his chemistry with Bacon, who made the film a classic, from their desire for ideas and a general desire to do anything else but be handymen. This time, Ward would do the second film without Bacon, though with Grady (Christopher Gartin) and Burt Gummer, who plays a late villain in a surprising direct-to-video

Ward starred in Henry & June, a film that centered around Henry Miller''s menage a trois with his wife and a writer whom he met in Paris. This film was also recognized as the NC-17.

Hofmann made a statement on Ward''s passing, revealing a momentary change in his diverse and honestly unpredictable career.

Fred Ward''s main character is that you never knew where he would go before, and that his career choices were so unpredictable. In Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, he could play such diverse characters as Remo Williams, who, alongside Kevin Bacon, battle giant, worm-like monsters hungry for human flesh in the ''cult'' horror/comedy comedy Tremors (1990), or a detective in the ''cult'' horror/comedy film Three Little Bodies (1994

Ward was your famous gritty Hollywood tough guy, but he always gave up quite a lot of respect to his performances. Our condolences go out to Ward''s family and friends.

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