The Top 9 'Blue Bloods' Episodes, Ranked

The Top 9 'Blue Bloods' Episodes, Ranked ...

Blue Bloods is a police television drama series based on the Reagan family''s life and activities, led by Frank Selleck, who is the police commissioner. The series has 12 seasons and counting, including one of the longest-running procedural dramas. Here are five of the series'' three highlights.

9."The Blue Templar" (Season 1, Episode 22)

Joe''s death, his second son, after the beginning of the series, has long remained with his youngest son, Jamie (Will Estes), and soon he shares his fears with his friends. Frank attempts to complete the investigation with just an internal affairs investigator who can assist him in the case. Malevsky (Michael Terry Weiss) attempts to suppress corrupt cops in the department, citing them as the shields.

8."This Way Out" (Season 3, Episode 23)

The NYPD and by extension, Frank provide the planning of the Bitterman Projects, but it is all put into disarray as Mayor Poole (David Ramsey) is shot and treated by a mentally ill man, according to Mark Margolis. With a little effort, Tom Sellecks'' time on Blue Bloods has given him a lot of trust from the actual NYPD, recognizing an officer in blue.

7."Something Blue" (Season 9, Episode 22)

As Eddie (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie''s wedding close, there is a case of murder. A misunderstanding between Eddie and Jamie''s sister, Erin, is causing the relationship. Jamie, however, is unable to play peacemaker, but is told under caution by all parties. In the pending murder case, Eddie and his ex-girlfriend are implicated by surveillance footage. Frank gives Eddie''s toast for the occasion after working on the entire Reagan brood present.

6."The Thin Blue Line" (Season 7, Episode 22)

New York is along the route chosen for the transportation of a drug cartel''s fortune, totaling several million dollars. This allows the FBI to work with the NYPD. When Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) arrests a cartel member who is an informant for the Bureau, the manhunt for the serial killer ends successful, but only after straining the relationship between Mayor Poole and Frank. Poole vows to step down immediately.

5."The Bitter End" (Season 3, Episode 22)

Jamie and Vinny (Sebastian Sozzi) are paired up with Frank in a distress call as the prosecutor''s office handles cases from the Bitterman housing project a policy, although unofficial, of eliminating cases once witnesses refuse to testify. Vinny''s death is also caused by a distress call.

4."Be Smart or Be Dead" (Season 12, episode 6)

In this episode, Frank has to show younger family members how to keep a cool head in the face of aggression. Joe Hill (Will Hochman) is assaulted by a con he had put away years ago and Joe is out to mate out some equally fair treatment. Frank, however, uses his contacts in the Bureau to punish the perpetrator with a crime at the federal level. He then confronts Jamie when he is marked for elimination by a gang. Erin has a difficult time in court as an

3."The Art of War" (Season 5, Episode 22)

Danny gives Frank the ammunition he needs to get rid of of Clinton Wallace (Kirk Jones), the boss of the Warrior King, who murdered Chief Kent (Dennis Haysbert), in difficult situations. This episode is notable for demonstrating that individuals like Danny, who are given the option of being calmer and more productive.

2."Loose Lips" (Season 5, Episode 5)

Jamie and Eddie escape a chain of events that conclude with the foul-mouthed verdict before a judge, only to get re-released when Eddie goes missing. But the team joins in in to make her recover quickly.

1."Your Six" (Season 8, Episode 20)

This episode is a series of warm-hearted outings in which the beauty of friendship from friends, colleagues, and family is shown. Frank tries to get his youngest son Jamie to advance his career, but he confronts Anthony the wrong way, ignoring him as he believes Jack never treated Erin well. This is for the sake of Danny, who is also behind bars.

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