More Big Names in Comedy have been added to the Call Sheet by 'Providence,' including Jim Gaffigan, Uzo Aduba, and Simon Rex

More Big Names in Comedy have been added to the Call Sheet by 'Providence,' including Jim Gaffigan,  ...

Providence, a spooky comedy scene starring Lily James, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Hamish Patel, have gone right and wrong, giving us the best shocks of the casting variety, that is! Now we have a significant chunk of the call sheet, and it includes some of the most famous performers. Tim Blake Nelson, Uzo Aduba, Simon Rex, Nina Arianda, Jim Gaffigan, and Jose Maria Yazpik are all eager to entertain.

Providence will focus on a group of residents living in an idyllic island town. A white picket fence with kids playing in the yard has slowed as a brutal murder takes place, sending shock waves through the community. Together with the murder, there has been a total of one million dollars, helping the residents to lose their ever-loving minds and continue to make detrimental and bad choices.

With David Boies and Zack Schiller under their Limelight banner, Bob Sellers will shoot with Hideout Pictures. With Vukadinovich, Tyler Zacharia, Sam Slater, Phil Keefe, Kevin Brennan, and Dan Eckerle as executive producers. CJ Barbato will co-produce.

Many of the new cast members have had a great year in this week. Aduba has revealed that she will be joining a whole lineup for the Bruce Norris adaptation, including the National Anthem and My Dead Dad. In 2021, Rex starred in the critically acclaimed dramedy, Red Rocket, and was also featured in the critically acclaimed.

Fans of Yazpik expected to see Adams reprise his role in the horror film "Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania" and in the highly anticipated sequel to the cult-class Mallrats.

With production on Providence scheduled to begin in North Carolina this week, were bound to be informed soon! As of now, no release date has been established, but keep an eye on Collider for more information as it rolls out.

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