Kim Cattrall and Juliette Lewis' Guest-Starring Roles are teased in 'Queer As Folk.'

Kim Cattrall and Juliette Lewis' Guest-Starring Roles are teased in 'Queer As Folk.' ...

The highly anticipated reimagining of Queer as Folk is bringing in the big guns. As if they needed to give viewers more time to tune into the Peacock series run, Kim Cattrall and Juliette Lewis starred in the show, which began on June 9, but it will soon be open to all viewers. The new Stephen Dunn series will follow in the footsteps of the Russell T. Davies classic in the late 1990s, which was then followed by an American version in the early 2000s, because we have tossed all

Shell play a high-class southern belle with a trailer park past named Brenda. With a martini always in hand, Brenda''s motto would be here for a good time, not a long time. Lewis will step into the role of cool-mom, Judy. She wants her child on her own, and she''ll be the best mom on the block no matter what the cost.

A string of photographs were released revealing the basis of who Brenda and Judy are, although she wants to be her kiddos pal. In another photo, Judy is dressed out in a dark pink party hat with a blouse to match.

Brenda enters the stage in one of her first-look photographs. She was praying that shes doing an encore during a karaoke dinner or that the production is tapping into the scatting abilities she is known for in real life. At the end of the day, she looks to be a wonderful mother to her teenage son as she wraps his head on her shoulder in the finale image.

The addition of Queer as Folk to a slew of new abilities, combined with Cattrall and Lewis, is already taking the form of a long-running series. Check out the photos for yourself and watch Peacock on June 9 as the first episode.

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