Universal Studios Orlando Closes Permanently at Monsters Cafe

Universal Studios Orlando Closes Permanently at Monsters Cafe ...

After 20 years of working, Universal Studios Florida declared a permanent closure of its Classic Monsters Cafe. In May 1998, the restaurant crossed the lines of Production Central, which quickly became a big attraction. Initially, the restaurant offered a classic horror menu that included vegetarian and vegan choices.

The cafe even had a cute but creepy kiosk outside the main cafe. It was then branded with statues of Frankensteins Monster offering a menu, Wolf Man holding a pizza, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon pridefully displaying an interesting-looking salad on top of the kiosks roof, bringing all of the traditional horror goodness to the outside atmosphere.

Universal described the parks'' decision to close the classic addition, saying that the cafe will close this spring to prepare for a fresh dining experience. However, there is no question on what will be replaced the cafe, but it is possible that Universal has plans to create another great attraction for enthusiasts to experience.

The caped hypnotist Dracula, played by Bela Lugosi, was made a hit with the masses and incorporated into his vampire slaves in the film. The 1931 film became a hit with the masses and now has several other styles.

Universal grew up on the big screen after the success of their Dracula picture, with Boris Karloff playing the monster. Throughout the filmmaking process, Mary Shelley''s tragic tale was an equal success to Dracula. Universal sparked a buzz among horror filmmakers, with subsequent films such as The Mummy and The Invisible Man, which have been established as a force in the horror film world. Universal Studios has now become a mecca for horror fans for generations.

The Shrek 4-D just closed in May 1998, as well as a Minions-themed building, making it a fun day for yore enthusiasts. It''s quite a sad day to see it go; it''s a loss for horror enthusiasts around the world.

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