Owen Davian stands as the exception in 'Mission: Impossible''s collection of forgettable villains

Owen Davian stands as the exception in 'Mission: Impossible''s collection of forgettable villains ...

There is more hype than ever for the Mission: Impossible franchise. It appears to be no limit to what Tom Cruise will do on screen to entertain the audience. Between scaling the world''s tallest building, hanging off the side of a plane, and holding his breath for several minutes, there''s no telling what Cruise will do in the next two films, according to Ethan Hunts. What could the series be saving for its finale?

Ironically, Cruises'' advent for fleeing danger poses a dilemma for the series. Although the Mission: Impossible film franchises have consistently had the same issues: dull villains. Ethan is a character who is so thorough and committed that he cannot afford to be exposed to a serious threat. Even the best entries in the series have suffered from terrible antagonists.

The sequel to John Woos'' Mission: Impossible II was a huge financial success, but the more over-the-top style was drastically different from Brian De Palma''s meticulous first film. Although the J.J. Abrams trilogy would eventually be replaced by the following sections, Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation, and Fallout, however, it''s the only film in the series that features a villain who is just as strong as Ethan.

As ruthless weapons dealer Owen Davian, Philip Seymour Hoffman shows off that hes never used to, but the Impossible Mission Force discovers that hes searching for an enigmatic object, known only as Rabbits Foot. Given Davians history, the IMF is certain that there will be disastrous consequences if he gets his hands on whatever Rabbits Foot is. Instead, it''s a fun MacGuffin that helps flesh out how ruthless Dav

Hoffman is perhaps the most versatile actor of his generation, and he completely commits to the film. Davian gives a real advantage to him, although he is not willing to take control of the world without being intimidated by an arms dealer. However, the lair, which was seen during the opening sequence, is something that appears to be real.

The opening sequence itself is absolutely electrifying and immediately sets up the screens stakes. In a forward flash to the climax, Davian holds Ethan captive and threatens his wife, Julia (Michelle Monaghan). Hoffman explains to Ethan in detail how he will torment his new bride if Ethan fails. This is a plausible possibility; unlike Ethan, Julia may die. While it''s unlikely that a successful franchise would kill off its main character (and apparently Cruise himself is immortal),

The opening scene gives the viewer a sense of dread to the opening scenes. For the first time in the series so far, Ethan looks like he''s actually relaxed. He is now retired from fieldwork in the International Monetary Fund. Ethan is proud of his engagement to Julia, and feels comfortable living a relatively normal life. The viewer also knows that this seemingly happy couple will soon be drawn in the Davians plot.

Davian fails when other villains fail because for the most part, he is linked to the action sequences themselves. During the Ghost Protocol, Kurt Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist) does not factor in at all. When Ethan and his team infiltrate the Vatican City undetected, they abduct Davian before he gets a deal for the Rabbits Foot. The tension escalates as Ethan needs to wear a mask to disguise himself as Davian

While their mission is successful and Davian is captured, it remains that he has the upper hand. Davian doesnt explain his plan when Ethan threatens to throw him to his death. At this point, it''s clear that Davian is more committed to hurting people than Ethan is to save them. Even if Davian is not a physical danger, he feels like Ethans are equal.

Ethan flees through the streets and duels with henchmen in order to reach Julia. Abrams excels in securing between the relentless action moments and the more subtle tension of Davian holding Julia hostage. Davians patience runs thin as he waits to receive the Rabbits Foot. Davian is still wreaking havoc after his death.

Mission: Impossible III is a solid release in the series. It gave a tone that the following films would honor, and managed to improve. Although it is unlikely that the film will be listed very high on any ranking of the franchise, it remains a novelty within the series due to its villain. It is the only entry where the scariest aspect is not a death-defying stunt, but a actual character.

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