Animated Series for 'Married... with Children' Featuring the original cast, it appears to be causing a bid war

Animated Series for 'Married... with Children' Featuring the original cast, it appears to be causing ...

The Bundys are back! This time, with a twist. Deadline reports that an animated version of the 1990s comedy classic Married with Children is coming out on the market, gaining massive amount of intrigue from both streamers and networks, which is like a no-brainer to us! It sounds like the original cast, including Katey Sagal, Ed ONeill, Christina Applegate, and David Faustino, would all reprise their roles as the comedically dysfunctional family from Chicago. Alex Carter

The original series, which began in 1978, focused on the lives of the Bundy family. There was father and misogynistic women''s shoe salesman Al (ONeill); his wife, self-described housewife Peggy (Sagal); and their two children, Kelly (Applegate) and Bud (Faustino. In the following year, it would stand to be seen how much of the original family dynamics would be able to play out. Now, what was acceptable in the 90s about Als

In fact, the misogynistic undertone (and most of the time, overtone) has been one of the concerns of fans and cast members in shaping how a reboot would work in this day and age. Several years ago, Faustino developed an idea that he thought would suit and offered it to Sony. Meanwhile, Al and Peg are living the high life in Vegas after they finally won big via the lottery. But now, schedules could ebb and flow, and the work could still be

If the motion for the animated project continues, then it would be a wholedding war as to who will end up with the rights. Both streams would have a lot to gain with the addition of the animated reboot. And then there is the original show base of Fox, who is absolutely not going to throw in the towel so quickly on reshaping their teeth back into a reimagined version of one of their biggest moneymakers. Collider will keep you updated with information as it rolls in.

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