The 10 Best Biopic Films of the 21st Century (So Far)

The 10 Best Biopic Films of the 21st Century (So Far) ...

What is a biopic? A biopic (short for "biographical picture") is a non-fictional film that depicts a historical figure or a well-known individual. However, these films may be about anyone as long as the subject exists. A biopic film must focus on a single protagonist and depict the narrative of that person''s life for many years (rather than just one event or era in their lifetime).

Regardless of who they are, biopics serve as stepping stones in their careers as their filmmakers and actors, assisting them to their potential success. Despite the fact that many excellent biopics have been published each year, some have gone above and beyond since the beginning of the millennia.

''''The Kings Speech'''' (2010)

When Albert "Bertie" George''s father, King George V, dies, and his brother King Edward VIII chooses to be his ruler. The King''s Speech depicts King George VI''s friendship with his speech therapist, who helped him overcome his stutter in order to confidently address his concerns.

Instead of being a narrative about a monarch triumphantly leading his supporters to victory, it is about a would-be king battling to find his voice and the capacity to lead his supporters through one of their most difficult times in their history. Colin Firth as Bertie also imbues his restrained character with complexity, dignitism, and wit, resulting in lasting impressions.

''''The Social Network'''' (2010)

Though it wasn''t perfectly accurate, The Social Network describes Facebook''s early years and its founder, Mark Zuckerbergs (Jesse Eisenberg),''s initial social decline, starting with the break-up of his romantic relationship with Erica Albright (Rooney Mara) and finishing with the tragic end of his friendship with Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield).

Thanks to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin''s typical quick-witted writing and Jesse Eisenberg''s enthralling portrayal of the famous social network creator, the film is on the verge of snapping. This is also the film''s authenticity and realism.

''''Selma'''' (2014)

As he fought for Black voting rights, Selma was praised for its historical charm. The film follows King''s frantic three months leading up to the passage from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. Their efforts directly contributed to President Lyndon B. Johnson signing the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

The film focuses primarily on King''s involvement in the events without diminishing the importance of the other leaders'' contributions to shaping this pivotal moment in American history. Moreover, the screenplay by Paul Webb and David Oyelowos as King gives us a profound, gratifying representation of King as a man capable of errors, self-doubt, and suffering.

''''Milk'''' (2008)

Harvey Milk, an openly gay activist and politician, was once the first LGBTQ+ person elected to public office in California. The film reflects Milk''s 40th birthday till his horrific killing in 1978, using archival footage.

Penn''s brilliant performance, directed by Gus Van Sant and directed by Dustin Lance Black, reveals Milk''s innate intelligence, and enables the film to be created around a variety of screen-filling pieces. Dependant, Van Sant made his film around huge, screen-filling sets-pieces, making the audience feel as if they had stepped inside the film.

''''Dallas Buyer Club'''' (2013)

Ronald Woodroof, a Texas philandering, drug addicted, and homophobic electrician, is living a lifelong life until his doctor detects HIV/AIDS, which is expected to kill him in 30 days. Woodroof discovers an experimental medicine that may prolong his life and establishes the titular "Dallas Buyers Club" to import the drug from Mexico to anyone who needs it.

At just under two hours, the combination of sharp character study and moving pharmaceutical docudrama is lively and fun. Moreover, McConaughey and Jared Letos performances are the reason to watch this biopic. Non seulement do they truly speak to those who have been misaddressed in the 1980s, but also to all those who have faced severe difficulties.

''''12 Years a Slave'''' (2013)

Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) was a free Black man from New York who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1841. He had endured a slew of torture and wickedness for a dozen years before being released once more.

Although 12 Years a Slave is stacked with intriguing characters, Ejiofor stoops the stage by maintaining the character''s dignity throughout. Moreover, director Steve McQueen immerses the spectators in an unfavorably hideous era from which there is no way out. It''s about as intense as a biopic can go.

''''I, Tonya'''' (2017)

Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie) became a worldwide laughingstock after her husband ordered an assault on her opponent. She was then transformed from one of the country''s most experienced athletes to a worldwide laughingstock. Her tenacity as an outcast, her slumbery, and her utter outspoken nature were all depicted in the film.

Craig Gillespie''s film is more than just convey Harding''s story; however, it completely reframes it and rewrites her as the hero of her own story in a complicated but persuasive way. I, Tonya, and also Robbie have the opportunity to demonstrate her entire range as an actress, and she is incredible.

''''The Wolf of Wall Street'''' (2013)

In Martin Scorsese''s smash biopic The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, whose company, Stratton Oakmont, participated in unprecedented levels of corruption and fraud.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort gives a truly outrageous performance. As they are in many of Scorseses films, the sins are visited upon the sinner, but the "Wolf" warns us at the end that no number of cautionary statements will prevent future generations from engaging in long-sighted, amoral, selfish ambitions.

''''Catch Me if You Can'''' (2002)

Catch Me if You Can follows Frank Abagnale Jr. (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), a well-known conman who initially assumed to be a doctor, lawyer, and pilot while only being 21 years old. In the meantime, Tom Hanks'' FBI agent Carl Hanratty gets obsessed with finding Frank and later succeeds in persuading Frank to become an FBI assistant for oncoming.

Stephen Spielberg''s impressive chemistry, stunning editing, superb script, and excellent score make this film a real success. Not to mention DiCaprio and Hanks'' incredible performance, making you feel at ease.

''''Can You Ever Forgive Me?'''' (2018)

Melissa McCarthy plays Lee Israel, a struggling writer who seeks to lead her career by selling counterfeit letters from deceased celebrities. Can You Ever Forgive Me? This film by Marielle Heller is one of the finest contemporary films on economic hardship and ethical compromise.

Due to the difference between blatant deception and unenviable necessity, McCarthy is both fierce and compassionate at the same time, constantly improving the material and stealing every scene she is in.

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