'Top Gun' and 'Transformers' collide with a new Maverick robot

'Top Gun' and 'Transformers' collide with a new Maverick robot ...

With all the new trailers, posters, and great buzz coming out of CinemaCon, Top Gun saved one of the best marketing items for last. Apart from Paramount Pictures and Hasbro are entering the danger zone together, Top Gun is crossing over with a new Maverick Transformer.

No, Tom Cruise didn''t become a robot, but this F-14 Tomcat jet is unique to the eyes. The toy, inspired by Cruise''s original film, stands at seven inches tall in robot mode, and converts into the Tomcat jet in just 25 steps. This Maverick robot also includes a screen-inspired miniature motorcycle. It''s also available for pre-order on July 21 and will cost fans $44.99.

Transformers have sparked fascination with many classic 80s features in the past, like Ghostbusters, but this seems like the perfect connection between man and machine. Besides, you may now have a classic jet fight with Optimus Prime in the battle against the evil Decepticons. Perhaps you can even get Prime and the Autobots to play a volleyball game with the Mavericks crew. That is a 80s kids dream and is sure to delight everyone.

This summer, Top Gun: Maverick will be the blockbuster to beat. The action looks incredible, the direction looks fantastic, and this is the rare sequel that will top the film. This time, Hasbro and Paramount Pictures have made all of the stops, so check out the official website for details.

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