Daisy Edgar-Jones, Chloe Pirrie, and Tyner Rushing on the True Crime FX Series 'Under the Banner of Heaven'

Daisy Edgar-Jones, Chloe Pirrie, and Tyner Rushing on the True Crime FX Series 'Under the Banner of  ...

Under the Banner of Heaven, which is available for download from FX and for download on Hulu, follows Detective Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield), a devout member of the LDS Church, and his seasoned partner Bill Taba (Gil Birmingham), as they investigate a prominent Mormon family for their role in a horrific crime. The story also highlights the origins of extremism in any religion.

Co-stars Edgar-Jones, Chloe Pirrie (who plays Matilda, the wife of Dan Lafferty), and Tyner Rushing (who plays Emma, the wife of founder Joseph Smith) talked about being a woman today rather than being a woman in the 1830s, giving Brenda a life when she is not ready to speak for herself, and having to sing Bette Midlers The Rose.

Collider: Three of you demonstrate remarkable aspects of how women are looked at, thought of, and treated in this faith and in this story. Tyner, how did you find a way to identify with Emma in her time period? What most helped you with that?

TYNER RUSHING: What a great question. I felt like, as I was learning about Emma, I realized that she was so depressed about her, and that she had learned to be strong. It was just frightening for me to discover this strength within myself, as long as she was being strong. I felt so relieved that she was going through it, and I was relieved that she was actually doing it. I felt grateful for all of the things she had done that day.

Daisy, what were your steps into Brenda? What helped you make her come alive for you, especially with the value of knowing her.

DAISY EDGAR-JONES: Yeah. When I read the first two scripts, I felt like she was fairly clear on the page. Not just with the dialogue, but also with the description of who she was, and how she truly represented her, but also her character. This was a real benefit for me, for her to really understand who she was, and her life. She was a great person, incredibly caring and supportive. I definitely felt that she is very capable of portraying herself as a character.

Chloe, how did you perceive your character, as things became extremely dark around her? What she wished to do on that emotional journey with her?

CHLOE PIRRIE: It was very intense. Matilda was such an interesting character off the screen. She was a gifted person who loved her and she has left behind a different culture. It''s quite an extreme thing to do, especially in this time period. When she was a Catholic before, she was not accessible in his own right mind, and she took her life. I had to pass my mind through the history of how she made that decision, and then what it might be, when another woman comes in who

Daisy, how was it like to sing the song in the first episode? There''s something just so beautiful and so sad about seeing that moment.

EDGAR-JONES: This was my first day of filming, which was huge. I was singing in front of a room full of extras, which I would have found very difficult to do, but I was pleased that she was the runner-up, and I knew I didn''t have to actually sing like Bette Midler. This was an outstanding introduction to Brenda.

Tyner: What was it like to look at Emma''s relationship and how do you think it?

RUSHING: There is a similar connection between Emma and Josephs'' story and some of the other female characters and their partners. It was heartbreaking because Joseph and Emma, together and developing this beautiful thing, were friends, but she was unable to stand up for herself or fight for the religion. That puts a lot of pressure on a marriage. It''s such wonderful writing from Lance. He''s just a gifted person. Jon Krakauer also.

Chloe, how did you and Wyatt Russell create a safe space for some of the scenes you guys had together. Was it something you discussed with each other, or did you just trust each other?

PIRRIE: When it was relevant, Wee spoke with the director of the block, and Lance. It was really beneficial to do this. And I was very fortunate with Wyatt. He''s very open and straightforward to deal with, and we got on very well. It''s quite interesting to see the interior of the relationship, because there''s a lot of things on the surface. However, when you do not feel comfortable with him, you get frustrated. That''s what I wanted.

Under the Banner of Heaven is now available on Hulu.

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