Jamie Bell on 'Shining Girls,' Why He Finds His Character So Disturbing and Working With Elisabeth Moss

Jamie Bell on 'Shining Girls,' Why He Finds His Character So Disturbing and Working With Elisabeth M ...

Kirby Mazrachi, the survivor of a catastrophic assault, was never able to discover her attackers identity until a recent murder is too distant in focus. Kirbys once more reveals her identity, but she remains in charge of her life rather than being questioned by fear.

Jamie Bell (who plays Harper, a villain that is so mysterious that even if you know he did it, its the reason that that is impossible to pinpoint) talked about requiring to fill in the blanks for this character, how even with behavioral science it is still impossible to understand someone like this, why he finds Harper so uninteresting, and how motivating it was to work with Moss as she wore so many hats on this project.

Collider: This show is a series of adventure, and your character is quite difficult to follow up, for quite some time in the story. When this project came your way, what was you told about your character and the puzzle pieces that really need to come together to tell his story? Did you know what you were getting yourself into?

JAMIE BELL: Yes. When I met with Michelle [MacLaren, ] and Silka [Luisa, who explained what the program was because I hadn''t read the novel, and then I was like, Oh, that sounds great. But who is he, though, is he, and he is the villain of the piece, but there must be something else. I cant be a boogeyman. Why does he do this?

So, what they had to do was actually send me later episodes as well, which Im not even sure were really finished yet. They were also sending me sketchbooks or rough sketches of much later episodes where we get into this stuff. So, I had that opportunity, and we talked more about it.

I went back and looked at the novel, which is fantastic. It was such a foundation for the character. So, I just realized that it had a lot of potential. This is why I am so thankful for this. Why are people compelled to do these horrible things?

Is it so difficult to know why somebody does something like this? Is it true that you found something wrong?

BELL: I''m sorry about this fact. Now, we are flooded with non-fiction podcast documents. If you don''t know why this stuff happens to people and why it makes people do these things, then you''re not permitted to. And since, it''s difficult to understand why this person acts as a repellent, aggressive human being. I''m constantly trying to answer this question. I''ve found that I had a personal commitment. I''m sure that I''ve got my own understanding.

This character is almost entirely internal. He is essentially a ghost. Hes most successful, even if no one knows him or notices him. How did you learn about that when you were playing someone who truly isn''t interested in any kind of redemption, do you ever feel like you need to humanize him for yourself?

BELL: When actors say you don''t see him as the villain, I do not see it as someone bad, but I cannot judge the character. That''s what we learned to do. How do you disarm someone by being less pathetic, but by adopting him in an almost human manner, almost. That''s why we had to explain. Why do these people make his entrance to him? What is the value of him, given by him?

Its because he has the ability that nobody else has to revisit these scenes once and twice. He gets to know you from birth. He understands you, as a child, and knows everything about you. He also understands you as a child, and he understands everything he does, therefore he doesnt need to be aggressive. He is also sensitive to his beliefs and conviction. He is a bit sluggish than anyone hiding in a closet with a knife.

Kirby and Harper have been linked, and her world is consumed by what he did to her, and everything he continues to do keeps affecting her. What was the joy of taking this trip with Elisabeth Moss, but she would also have her as a executive producer and director on this journey? Didn''t it make it more of a partnership?

BELL: Yes, 100 percent. She had done three well, and she has been able to express gratitude to others. She does it with an entitlement. She feels fulfilled. I really wanted to be successful in her role. I so wanted to do this with pride. She does it with an honour. She also makes you smile. I always wanted to thank everyone who works for her. I really wanted to do it with pride, and she is kind and caring for her. I wanted to do it with pride and conviction. I wanted to do it

When you saw her in each other''s orbit in the show, you knew you were wearing them too much of the time. I think she is an incredible actress and a great director. She is quite a pleasure to work with. Obviously, she is an actress who is very supportive of herself, and she is truly capable of acting. That was a bit of a pain. I usually get offended because I am taking her offended.

Shining Girls is now available on Apple TV+.

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