From Flukie to Tooms: The Best Monster-of-the-Week Episodes From Each Season of The X-Files

From Flukie to Tooms: The Best Monster-of-the-Week Episodes From Each Season of The X-Files ...

The X-Files is characterized by a unique conspiracy-based mythology, exciting paranormal adventures and the stellar chemistry between Special Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). While the series is known best for its over-arching alien conspiracy plot, there is no denying that the standard monster-of-the-week (MOTW) episodes were equally as engaging, and oftentimes more exciting. If you''re looking for some of

Season 1 - "Squeeze" / "Tooms"

With a season essentially full of MOTW episodes, we couldn''t just pick one. "Squeeze" is actually the first MOTW episode of the series, while "Tooms" is the first non-mytharc sequel that the show ever produced. It''s remarkable that Chris Carter and the gang managed to bring him back, despite the danger and fear that he will never hurt him again.

Eugene Victor Tooms, a mutant, is the subject of Monster of the Week.

Season 2 - "The Host"

Mulder and Scully investigate a series of bizarre murders in New Jersey''s oceanways, including the result of the Chernobyl disaster and the half-flukeman. Up until today, no creature from the series is as recognizable as the Flukeman.

Flukeman, also known as "Flukie," is a monster of the week.

Season 3 - "Quagmire"

The X-Files series features some amazing scenes, but none of them have been inspired by Season 3, according to Moby Dick''s Moby (Mulder''s very own Loch Ness Monster) and Scully''s astute conclusion that Mulder is basically Captain Ahab. This episode may be by the end of the season. Even though Mulder and Scully were caught in the middle of the lake, it''s a beautiful moment that has been unfavorable for years.

Monster of the Week: We won''t spoil it for you...

Season 4 - "Home"

In the infamous episode "Home," viewers discover a murderous family of inbreds who has lived on their land for years. This episode, though, was not considered a success, but a straight-up horror movie. Yikes.

The Peacock family of Monster of the Week

Season 5 - "Bad Blood"

The X-Files episode has a better teaser than this episode, and it''s not even close. While Stephen King''s "Chinga" is a close second, but "Bad Blood" is certainly the best of Season 5. This hilarious mystery, written by Vince Gilligan, is recalled a bit out of order as Mulder and Scully recount their most recent case in "trailer park Texas." "It''s just a genuine classic, but here''s a lot

Vampires, just not the type you''re picturing in Monster of the Week...

Season 6 - "Arcadia"

While "Drive" and "Triangle" may be the most popular season 6 go-to (and for good reasons), "Arcadia" definitely has the best monster, so we''re going with this one. Mulder and Scully encounter a domestic conflict around the local homeowners'' association, which makes it fatal. In truth, it''s the creature''s tenacity (and the other homeowner''s deliberate ignorance) that makes it particularly terrifying. More reasons not to move to suburbia!

Tulpa (the Ubermenscher) is a monster of the week.

Season 7 - "X-Cops"

This Cops crossover shows off a unique monster, which we don''t usually see until it''s all worth it, as long as we are faced with your own fears. Unlike other previous Seasons, "X-Cops" is a great show, and it highlights a certain skill that Mulder and others have encountered in the past. So far, this episode of The X-Files is remarkable, with a special character that we don''t really get to see or cannot be eliminated

The Week''s Monster: An Unnamed Fear Inventar

Season 8 - "Roadrunners"

Sadly, not every episode on this list will feature the Mulder/Scully back-and-forth, but you can be wrong, too! Thankfully, Scully, still reeling from Mulder''s murder, investigates a murder, but this episode is a bit more cultish than that. Despite the fact that he was often unfairly hated, then "Roadrunners" is the episode for you!

Monster of the Week: A spinal parasite and an eccentric "End Times" cult

Season 9 - "Lord of the Flies"

Similar to the previous Season 9, there was basically zero Mulder, and the one episode he returns in (the original two-part series finale "The Truth") is about removing the mythology rather than tracking down a blurry creature with Scully. In the meantime, Doggett, Reyes, and Scully investigate the truth behind the bizarre insect killings in New Jersey. It''s creepy, droggy, and will help your skin crawl if you don''t get eaten first.

Mutant insect-human hybrids are used in Monster of the Week.

"Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-Monster" - Season 10

This episode of X-Files and Millennium alum Darin Morgan is a perfect example of how to do it right. Along the way, Mulder meets the Kolchak-looking Guy Mann (Rhys Darby), who just appears to be the actual monster, but we''ll let him tell you his strange story...

Guy Mann, aka the Were-Monster, and another serial killer, is a real-life monster.

Season 11 - "Familiar"

Some might miss the two revival seasons (which unfortunately did not equal a full season of the original series) but there''s no denying that the two episodes of Season 11 were more chilling than "Familiar." Non only is Mr. Chuckleteeth probably one of the scariest looking monsters to ever haunt our television screens, but in an episode full of hellhounds, witchcraft, and child killings, the real villain attempts to be infidelity that literally destroys two families.

Monster of the Week: A classic demon/witch combo that includes hellhounds, Mr. Chuckleteeth, and more!

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