Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know About 'The Black Phone'

Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know About 'The Black Phone' ...

Scott Derrickson became famous for his profound work in the horror genre from the horrific 2011 film Sinister, the disturbing 2005 film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and the ominous and dark 2014 film Deliver Us From Evil. Next year Derrickson will return to the genre with The Black Phone, directed by Derrickson and his frequent collaborator, C. Robert Cargill.

The Black Phone release date is becoming more mainstream, and you are probably quite curious what the film concept is. We''ve got you covered:

Is There a Trailer for The Black Phone?

The Black Phone was released online on October 13, just in time for it to play before another Blumhouse film: Halloween Kills. The trailer definitely focuses on the creepiness, as well as feeling reminiscent of Andy Muschietti''s first It film.

The second trailer for the film was unveiled on April 26, six months after its first trailer was released, and the film''s delay to June is likely to be the reason. Despite the trailer''s lack of new information, the trailer does not necessarily provide us with any additional information, as well as mentioning the fact that the film is simply unfavorable.

What Is The Black Phone About?

The Black Phone is a series of movies set in the 1970s in Colorado, where kids are being hunted down by a serial killer known as The Grabber. Enter Finney Shaw, who after being fooled by the Grabber as a magician, and discovers an old disconnected black phone. In the meantime, Finney''s sister Gwen starts developing intentions to guide her down the path she takes.

What Is The Black Phone Rated?

The Black Phone, which is rated R for violence, bloody illustrations, language, and some drug use. So if you were worried that Derrickson might reduce the gritty aspects of the film, there is no need to worry as this will not be a film for the young ones.

Is The Black Phone Based On Anything?

The Black Phone is based on the 2004 short story of Joe Hill, the son of legendary horror author Stephen King. It is also possible to see the short story in the Hills short story collection. Ghosts from the 20th Century

This will not be the first adaptation of one of Hill''s works. In 2014, Hill''s novel Horns was transformed into a hit series on Netflix, which included director David Johnson, Zachary Quinto and Michael Jackson. On the other hand, several of Hill''s works were also included in Creepshow''s episodes.

Who Is In The Black Phone?

Ethan Hawke has long remained away from playing villains on screen, making it a personal rule for himself, but Derrickson had previously worked with Arthur Harrow on Moon Knight, the character of a murdered superhero. Outside of Sinister, Hawke has also played in genre shots such as The Purge and Daybreakers.

James Ransone, who also worked with Derrickson on Sinister, will have a role in the film. Ransone may also recognize him from his role as grown-up Eddie Kaspbrak in the 2019 horror film It: Chapter Two.

As the father of the two children at the centre of the story, Jeremy Davies will have a supporting role in the film. He is well known for his roles on popular television platforms such as Lost and Justified.

Mason Thames, who plays Gwen Shaw in Toy Story 4, has also played a minor role in several high-profile roles, including Ant-Man and the Wasp, American Sniper, and Pacific Rim: Uprising.

When Does The Black Phone Hit Theaters?

The Black Phone will be released on June 24, 2022. The chilling film will now be shown against Baz Luhrmann''s highly-trained rock n'' roll film Elvis, with Austin Butler in the title role, and Tom Hanks as the King''s notorious manager. It was initially expected to be released on February 3, but it was later taken back a week later. Universal and Blumhouse have expressed their hope for the summer release date.

When Did The Black Phone Film?

Derrickson had planned to direct the horror film from the film before being dropped out. Initially, the film was revealed after it was revealed that he had dropped out of his directing duties for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness due to artistic difficulties. Sam Raimi ended up directing the highly anticipated Marvel sequel, while Derrickson scouted out his next project. He had even planned to distribute the film to someone else.

The Black Phone was first released in February 2021 and concluded in late March. Despite the film being being set in Colorado, filming took place in Wilmington, North Carolina and its surrounding areas. Brett Jutkiewicz was the director of photography, after directing several scenes of Stranger Things, the horror thriller Ready Or Not, and the fifth installment of SCREAM.

What are the critics'' statements about the Black Phone?

Despite its sweeping success at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, The Black Phone was released in September. It currently has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with 14 reviews, and a average rating of 7.8 out of 10. Critics have praised the films performances from Hawke and Thames, but have compared the film to Derricksons Sinister.

What Happened After The Black Phone for Scott Derrickson?

Derrickson is currently working on the Bermuda Triangle, which starring Chris Evans, for SkyDance, and is also working on the long-gestating sequel to The Black Phone for Sony.

Will Peacock''s Black Phone be able to stream Day & Date?

The film will only be available on Peacock on June 24 but will not follow along with other recent Blumhouse films such as Halloween Kills and Firestarter. In reality, under the recent distribution agreement, the film will be available for download four months after it hits theaters, so if you want to see it but still do not feel safe going to the theaters, you will be able to stream it on Peacock.

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