Whos Playing Who in the British Spy Drama Series 'The Ipcress File' Cast and Character Guide

Whos Playing Who in the British Spy Drama Series 'The Ipcress File' Cast and Character Guide ...

The IPCRESS File, which stars Sir Michael Caine, was the birth of several secret intelligence services in the 1960s, when the Cold War came to a close. Despite Ian Flemings'' interest in the genre, there was also a second British spy who took a non-fiction approach. Harry Palmer, the film and the character have since become cult classics, and are a must-see for all spy-thriller fans. This is thanks to a TV series adaptation of The Ip

The Ipcress File''s first season will see Harry Palmer transition from a British Corporal who was shot and killed for smuggling to becoming a famous spy in the 1960s. Each episode will be aired weekly on AMC+. Now, before you get your popcorn ready to binge-watch the first season of The Ipcress File, let''s get a look at all the characters and the corresponding cast who will play a big part in the espionage series.

Joe Cole as Harry Palmer

In a television adaptation of The Ipcress File, Joe Cole is given a second chance at freedom, as well as to serve his country, thanks to a highly secretive British intelligence service, such as MI5 and MI6. He is also sent on a dangerous mission that requires him to locate the whereabouts of a nuclear physicist who was kidnapped in Berlin and to return to the facility safely. Although he is best known for his role as John Shelby in several popular shows and movies

Lucy Boynton as Jean Courtney

Jean Courtney, a new seasoned agent of WOOC(P) and often overlooked by female employees, is seen in the TV show. She is tasked with getting Harry Palmer ready for the dangerous mission, furnishing him with details and resources, and often collaborating with him at times, proving herself to be a superior spy. It will be interesting to see how much of her background has been explored in the TV series.

Tom Hollander as Major Dalby

Major Dalby, led by veteran actor Tom Hollander, is the one who recruits Harry Palmer for the mission. He has ties with both the British military and the secret intelligence service WOOC(P) and introduces Palmer to the latter. However, in the first season of the show, he appears to be a capable guy who works on several occasions.

Ashley Thomas as Paul Maddox

Ashley Thomas, who is known by his stage name Bashy, stars as Paul Maddox, a senior agent with the CIA who is keeping an eye on Harry Palmer''s actions. Jean Courtney appears to be reporting to him about Palmer''s progress and the scope of the mission. Maddox is a character adapted for the 1965 film, although he isn''t completely new. Maddox was absent from the 1965 film but was featured in Len Deighton''s original novel.

Matthew Steer as Professor Dawson

Professor Dawson is a nuclear scientist who has dismal knowledge of nuclear science. He is an expert in weapons and weaponry. Since Harry Palmer has extensive knowledge of the criminal underground, he is chosen for his mission. In Les Miserables'' TV adaptation, Professor Dawson is a scouted scientist.

David Dencick as Colonel Stok

Colonel Stock is a mysterious Russian intelligence officer who appears to be in touch with British intelligence but has his own agenda. Palmer and Courtney are both tasked with investigating more about him, but he appears to be a step ahead of him. Dencick has previously appeared in Chernobyl and the James Bond film No Time To Die.

Joshua James as Chico

Chico, a fellow British intelligence agent at WOOC(P) and a colleague of Jean Courtney, appears to be keeping an eye on Harry Palmer. Chico has previously been involved in several shows and films including Cyrano, Life, and Absentia.

Urs Rechn is a former accomplice of Harry Palmer''s from Berlins underbelly, Paul Higgins as the British Defence Minister, Paul Bazely as Dr. Morris, Tamla Kari asPalmer''s estranged wife Deborah, Anastasia Hille, and Nora-Jane Noone is a Dr. Karen Newton, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, and Anna Geislerova is a Dr. Polina Lavotchkin.

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