Reed Shannon and Tanner Ray Rook Explain How Their Real-Life Friendship Influenced Scotty & Bo in Season 2 of 'The Wilds'

Reed Shannon and Tanner Ray Rook Explain How Their Real-Life Friendship Influenced Scotty & Bo in Se ...

The Twilight of Adam members board a plane as if they were going to a retreat in Hawaii, where in reality their plane is destined to crash and hang them on a deserted island.

The Twilight of Adam ensemble is bursting with talent and adds quite a bit to the show, but in the department, Reed Shannon and Tanner Ray Rook are great friends. Both are calm and kind while Scottys is a huge talker who is extremely appreciative. Their loyalty to one another is especially strong and pure, making the pair extremely easy to root for and often a pleasure to watch.

I got the chance to chat with Shannon and Rook about developing that chemistry at this point. At this point, The Wilds actually marks Rooks'' very first starring role, so I asked him for a moment on set that proves to him that he was well-known for this and destined to be an actor. His answer will make any Scotty/Bo fans anxious!

It''s gonna sound super rich, but it''s gonna sound super cheesy, but when I did my first scene with Reed, that was really the time where I was like, yeah, im meant to be here, just because we were into our characters so easy, so quick. Sometimes because im like, im making a great friend, and was playing best friends on TV? This is fantastic!

The Wilds'' Season 2, Episode 3, 36/14, are available as spoilers, but Note: While Scotty and Bo were successful in this retreat, Season 3, Episode 3, there are some interesting and powerful flashbacks, revealing why they ended up going on this retreat, Rook said of their discussions about the pair:

We talked about it quite a bit before we finally realized how we got into it. I guess when we were doing spoilers today, you look at Jerrys, Marvel, and Capcom, but after we kind of thought they probably met when they were in elementary school. So, when we first learned about it, we did not see it again. This is what happened.

After we kind of got into it, we knew we could have known the meaning. I guess when you interview or your interrogation, you talk about Jerrys, Marvel, and Capcom, and after we kind of discovered that they probably met when they were in elementary school. But we never sat down and said, This is what happened.

In real life, Reed continued by highlighting further the differences between the special spark between their characters on the show and between him and Rook:

We know what it is. It was great to have friends with us, especially if they were already friends. It was like the friendship that was blossoming in real life.

We know what it is. Youre my roll dog, I was excited to see you again. It was almost like we had partnered up the friendship that was beginning in real life.

At the end of Episode 3, the show was on display in full force. Although at that point in the season, Bo and Scotty had already established that he and Bo would do anything for each other, but there is a real strong silent moment that makes one wonder, will Bo join in? It''s a phenomenal beat where Rook''s performance speaks volumes without even a stitch of dialogue. Here''s what Rook said about Bos'' thought process in that scene:

Both of us were experiencing a lot of emotions. My favorite thing about working with Reed is that we look in with each other in the eyes and then well go. I also liked the fact that he picks up a big candlestick and starts his own and thats Bo''s way of saying, Im your dude. Let''s f*ck up this house together!

There were a lot of emotions going through both of us. I liked how well we look in with each other, and then well go. I think that because there are no words, it helps a lot more. And I am delighted that he does not take the hammer because he likes it, because he doesnt like it, and it is a huge deal. So, when he picks up a big candlestick, and starts his own, he is your boyfriend. Lets go back to this

Want more information from Shannon and Rook? In this video interview, you can get a feel for our entire conversation!

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