9 Animated Disney Characters Who Were Husband Material

9 Animated Disney Characters Who Were Husband Material ...

Disney has become the world''s largest entertainment company, bringing fairy tales to life and a long list of desirable characters with them. Princes, warriors, and pickpockets have all made their way into fans'' hearts.

Let''s be honest, you''ve watched a Disney movie and had a little crush on certain of the characters. After all, the imagination is the best place to live extraordinary love dreams. From the cheekiest of thieves and handsomely animated males to the pumpkin king himself, there are more than enough fairy tale princes to go around.

Flynn Rider ''''Tangled''''

Eugene Fitzherbert (Zachary Levi) is Disney''s ultimate sarcastic and alienating swindler of hearts. He was inspired by mischievous fictional characters like Han Solo and Indiana Jones and was conceived to be the hero of the story, while also featuring his striking redness.

Flynn is the perfect partner with his wit, intelligence, and unwavering selflessness. While he may be a thief, his determined desire to protect Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) from her mother and herself is commended. He demonstrates the world and opens her eyes to things and places she never imagined before, always with a positive desire. Flynn is also the one to suggest that there will always be additional things to strive for.

Captain Phoebus ''The Hunchback of Notre Dame''

At the beginning of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the gallant and down-to-earth Captain of the King''s Guard knows just how to honor a person''s heart. In the presence of Esmeralda (Demi Moore), the man who shows him that life is far more important than answering to a ruler.

Phoebus is a person of his word and is always the reliable partner to carry his life on the line for what he believes in. He treats everyone with kindness and respect, especially Quasimodo (Tom Hulce), with whom he finds a friend. He is one of the most well-known Disney men surviving an entire tyrant and his city. And don''t forget: his sarcastic bravado will make any banter devastatingly fun.

Li Shang ''''Mulan''''

Li Shang''s (BD Wong) aspirations to succeed his father as China''s greatest commander may sometimes get in the way of the romance, but China''s safety is crucial to him as he is one of Disney''s most emotionally powerful men.

This burden he bears creates conflicts with his beliefs on masculinity, though. Even by the end of Mulan, he finds himself in a more open mind, even seeing Mulan (Ming-Na Wen) as stronger than he is. His openness to learning would make him a perfect companion to long, deep conversations with under beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Hercules ''''Hercules''''

Hercules (Tate Donovan) wants to be in life, but he does a good job of it in Disney''s Greek mythological film. He finds his way out of a world he couldn''t help but refines his abilities to rescue normal citizens, and wooing Megara (Susan Egan) in the process.

It''s also shown that love is truly the only thing he considers worthwhile fighting for. Not to mention that he is a Greek god, which means he''s pretty much immortal and has one of the greatest Disney songs, "Zero to Hero."

Jack Skellington wrote ''The Nightmare Before Christmas.''

Mr. Skellington (Chris Sarandon) may not seem to be an obvious choice for his perfect husband, due to his lanky, skeletal body, pinstripe suit of mischief, and a head''s skull, he does not strike most as someone you''d like to see in wedding photos.

Jack is also selfish and sometimes thoughtless especially when it comes to Sally (Catherine O''Hara). But it is his willingness to correct his own mistakes and learn from them that make him something to think twice about. He is also extremely charismatic, seen in how he stoke every person in Halloween Town and later confesses to Sally that they were meant to be together.

Milo Thatch ''''Atlantis: The Lost Empire''''

Milo (Michael J. Fox) is an amazing guy who excels in cartography and linguist roles. He takes his entire journey to Atlantis aboard a submersible ship very seriously. He is astonishingly intelligent and viciously determined, both traits that would make him an excellent father.

He loves exploring and would take you around the world back for a day to discover something new to learn, study, and show you. Despite his abilities, getting to see the whole world looks like a fair trade-off.

Prince Eric ''''The Little Mermaid''''

In The Little Mermaid, Eric (Christopher Daniel Barnes) is the young, dashing prince of the seaside kingdom. He is first seen sailing on a ship and having a blast. He quickly becomes the brave and powerful man who saves his crew and dog as the ship is struck by lightning and begins to sink.

Eric is a keen person with a gentle personality. He excels for the girl with the amazing singing abilities and is constantly in tune with his intuition. Even when Ariel loses his voice, he always realizes that Ariel is the girl he wants to be, and he loves to daydream and impress the girl he is crushing on. Despite being a prince who is able to have anyone he wants, he excels in the realm of self-driving.

Roger Radcliffe ''''101 Dalmations''''

Roger Radcliffe (Ben Wright) is a dog lover. That makes him a keeper. He stands up to Cruella De Vil (Betty Lou Gerson) in the name of animal cruelty, and that is a good thing.

Roger is very kind to his work, but he enjoys to be able to write, compose, and dedicate his songs to you at the drop of a hat.

Aladdin ''''Aladdin''''

Aladdin (Scott Weinger) is the thief who dreams are made of. He is handsome, clever, and on his feet, the perfect companion for a crime partner. He also didn''t grow up with riches, making him aware of the small things in life.

Aladdin is a male character who has some of the coolest things to share with you. He''s got a genie for a great friend and a magic carpet that can take you wherever you want to go for free. He also has an amazing and adorable sidekick named Abu, who is just as much of akleptomaniac as he is. Who doesn''t want a pet monkey who can escape from the game?

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