The 10 Most Unique Queens From Across the Franchise From Rupaul's Drag Race

The 10 Most Unique Queens From Across the Franchise From Rupaul's Drag Race ...

The RuPauls Drag Race has assisted in putting hundreds of queens around the world. Comedy queens, pageant queens, and everything in between have been seen in the reality event.

This unique blend of charisma, uniqueness, passion, and skill make these queens some of the most unique and original from all over the franchise.

Willow Pill - "Where Am I?"

Willow Pill, our current reigning queen, was on the lookout for Season 14 and became the season''s top performer. She also struggled with the illness that affects her eyes, throat, and muscles. She also talks about her art through its darkness. Ms. Pill became the first openly trans winner of the game.

Willow''s style is unusual and attractive, but she has a twist, a joy, and a nihilistic outlook of life. In the first episode, she performed an art piece that she easily became a fan favorite. She completed the season with a Talking Heads-inspired gigantic suit and three mannequin heads that were molds of her face. Despite Willow''s ruthlessness, fans cant wait to see more from her.

Yvie Oddly, the drag sister of Willow Pill, was the winner of Season 11 and has been a Denver queen known for her contortion abilities as well as her unique handmade appearance. She has developed a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3, which affects the skin, bones, blood vessels, and organs. She is a disease characterized by a double-jointed disorder, which she employs in her activities to shock viewers.

Yvie was somewhat overlooked during her season by her sisters. However, some other queens viewed her as unpolished, expressing her displeasure on drag queens and classism, as well as the consequences of living with a chronic illness.

Jimbo - "What would you do, tiny umbrella?"

Jimbo, a self-described drag clown from BC Canada, was a favorite in both seasons of Drag Race she appeared. When she entered the workroom looking like a BDSM Mickey Mouse, she was admitted to the final day of the season, and she was deemed to be robbed by fans throughout the game. When Jimbo returned for UK vs. The World, fans were stunned yet again when she was sent home in the third episode by Pangina Heals.

Jimbo was a successful performer on UK vs. The World''s talent show. All dressed in white except for her creepy black clown hair, Jimbo performed one of the make bonkers stage numbers ever seen on the show. It was horrifying and amazing.

"I''m not going to live here anymore, but I''m returning to my present day," says Onyx.

Onyx was once again the winner of Drag Race in episode 5, but was then ranked in the bottom two in episode 5 of Snatch Game. However, fans are sad to no longer have Onyx on their screens weekly, but as the season continues, there is hope that she will return.

Fans were shocked in episode 2 of Onyx''s talent show, which included a giant egg, and then gave birth to a tiny alien baby. She then walked out on the runway later that episode as a gigantic four-legged monster. Onyx may not be on Drag Race anymore, but her stunning, yet powerful looks continue on her Instagram page.

"Somebody has to be the messy one," says Nina Bonina Brown.

Nina appeared on Season 9 of RuPauls Drag Race but hasn''t seen on All-Stars, despite her being a fan pick every season. She has toured Atlanta, Georgia, often speaking publicly with her fans on social media. She also spoke about being HIV positive, and how this affects her life.

Nina had a few key moments on her season, including the I should have been Blac Chyna''s disgrace, and her sending Valentina home during the infamous Id like to keep it on please lipsync. She is well-known for her full-body paint skills, her transformations/impressions, and her Drag Race reviews on YouTube.

Milk - "We''re all a bunch of clowns, aren''t we?"

Milk was one of the first female females to be misunderstood in season 6 of Season 6, but was criticised for failing to add enough glamour to her appearance. She was eliminated after the rap challenge in episode 6 and returned for All-Stars 3, which was later eliminated.

Milk still has a slew of loyal supporters who love her for her non-disciplined drag-discipline experience, even if she does drag many years before doing drag, and yet adds those skills to drag when she can. In 2020, the drag queens will start bringing an Onlyfan.

Kimchi - "I learned to chop-suey the competition!"

Kimchi, a beloved makeup artist originally from Korea, won fans'' hearts by not only being an absolute sweetheart, he also brought unique and stunning looks to the screen every single episode. She competed in Season 8, with Bob and Naomi, and made it to the final 3 of the series. The fans were honored by Kim as one of the best performers, and she was a major part of why.

Kimchis first started draging with another famous contestant, Pearl, and has a deep connection to All-Stars 3 winner Trixie Mattel. She also touched and shook fans by talking about how her Mom doesn''t know she does drag. Kim has yet to appear on a season of All-Stars, but she has also been scouted for the Holi-Slay Spectacular, as well as Secret Celebrity Drag Race. Quite often her wild and wonderful looks are often made from

Charity Kase - Everyone dressed up looksin'' like the dog''s dinner!

Charity Kase has been introduced on Season 1 of Drag Race UK, but fans are hopeful she will be back on their screens soon. Charity was well-known for her beautiful, monstrous look on Drag Race, but also for her vulnerability in the working room. She spoke in length about her battle with her HIV diagnosis and ending the surrounding stigma.

Charity has no shortage of wild looks on her Instagram page, and she brought some of the most spectacular ones to the drag race stage. Everyone was pleased when she entered the workroom as stunning and terrifying as ever, with a long Victorian era dress and blood dripping out of her mouth that was designed to look big and zombie-like. Charity claims that her dedication to crafting was inspired by her ability to create bold and natural appearances. Or maybe she will be both at a time!

"Make America sparkle again!"Crystal Methyd says.

Crystal Methyd from Springfield Missouri is known for her mullet, her fashion, and her amazing take on drag. Crystal was a runner-up in Season 12 of Drag Race and is a beloved, unseen queen from the program. Fans hope she will return to All-Stars soon and bring even more of the unique Crystal flare.

She has added some of the most notable appearances to the show, including her purple people eater monster, a gigantic pinata, and her Burt & Ernie-inspired lipsync. She has also added an incredible lipsync to the finale, which includes more feathers and bird barf than previously.

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