The Top 9 Cover Songs for 'Westworld' (So Far)

The Top 9 Cover Songs for 'Westworld' (So Far) ...

Westworld is scheduled to resume its fourth season this June, gratifying everyone who has mastered the show''s elaborate mystery box puzzles, although it might even confuse J. J. Abrams. Despite their success, show producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have certainly done an incredible job in transforming the dystopian universe, yet there are still plenty of changes to make them happen. Despite its numerous features, the whole game should be kept up with a companion guide.

Although it''s easy to distinguish between Westworld''s narrative consistency (or lack thereof) the show never fails to deliver amazing visceral moments, and one of the series'' most memorable soundtrack moments is actually cover versions of iconic songs, which help to stifle Westworld in a previously diverse pop culture world. Here are the nine greatest cover songs from the Westworld soundtrack, ranked.

9.Space Oddity, David Bowie (Genre)

Because of how often the iconic song is used in pop culture, this cover of David Bowie classic ranks slightly below the list. Between Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Mad Men, and Mr. Deeds, Space Oddity is a popular needle drop used to convey emotional moments or revelations. However, the third season of Westworld attempts to creatively use the song when Caleb (Aaron Paul) experiences the side effects of the Genre drug. He is transported into a video game aesthetic

8.The Weeknd (Mother of Exiles): Wicked Games

The Weeknds Wicked Games is the backdrop of a thrilling set piece in which Dolores and Caleb infiltrate a masquerade party to kidnap Incites co-founder Liam Dempsey Jr. (John Gallagher Jr.). Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is interested in seeing Liam as a host. The haunting masquerade masks are reminiscent of Stanley Kubricks'' Eyes Wide Shut.

7."No Surprises," Radiohead (Chestnut)

The first episode of Radiohead in Westworld is still among the best. During the second episode of the first season, the song creates a sense of foreshadowing. It signifies that although there aren''t any surprises so far, the hosts are on the verge of discovering what they were originally intended for. Maeve (Thandiwe Newton) slightly changes her behavior after she was murdered and her memory is erased. The subtle acting from Newton is perfectly concorded with the aching tone of the song

The White Stripes (Viru e Fortuna) are 6."Seven Nation Army."

The third episode of Season 1 reveals that outside of Westworld (or the town known as "Sweetwater"), there are five other parks with different themes. It also portrayed the Raj, a Roman World and a Medieval World, as well as the guests'' ignorance of the native culture. It is also one of Westworld''s many social commentary.

5.The Rolling Stones (The Original) "Paint It Black."

The Rolling Stones, a westworld show, isnt only a great backdrop for a shootout; viewers are familiar with the iconic song and the loops that occur in the park. It''s common to see that every shoot-out concludes the same way several times. This is why, in part, the hosts arent aware that their memories have been erased.

4."Runaway," Kanye West (Reunion)

Runaway is the first feature in the Season 2 trailer that debuted during the 2018 Super Bowl, and the hosts are literally running away from their predetermined beliefs. As soon as Logan Delos (Ben Barnes) opens his drink to the a**holes who invented the park for the first time.

Radiohead (Adversary): "Motion Picture Soundtrack

Maeve''s revelation that she was a proponent of tourists is one of the most devastating moments in Westworld. Maeve, who had prided herself on her strong, independent spirit, discovers that all abuse she endured was for entertainment. Its one of Westworld''s more effective instances of female representation. Motion Picture Soundtrack is the perfect summation of her heightened emotions.

Pink Floyd (Crisis Theory): 2."Brain Damage/Eclipse"

Each season of Westworld begins with a fresh era, which spawns a new generation. During the Season 3, Dolores'' main character demonstrates that they finally stand up against their oppressors. This feature of the Dark Side of the Moon classic proves that Westworld is not interested in flashbacks; it is moving forward.

Radiohead (The Bicameral Mind): 1."Exit Music For A Film"

Seasons 2 and 3 of Westworld are all too confusing with their twists and turns. That said, the first season is just about perfect. Fords (Anthony Hopkins) plot is revealed. This is what the audience''s intentions for, and dolores and the hosts launch an attack on a gala meeting, and Ford finally meets his death, sipping his final glass of wine as the hosts begin their act of revenge against the guests and the owners who purchased the park in the first place.

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