Sara Bareilles and Renee Elise Goldsberry Discuss 'Girls5eva' Season 2 and How Juicy It Is for Everyone

Sara Bareilles and Renee Elise Goldsberry Discuss 'Girls5eva' Season 2 and How Juicy It Is for Every ...

Girls5eva, a Peacock series created by Meredith Scardino and executive producers Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, continues to follow the reunited girl group from the 1990s, as they try to prove that they are more than one hit wonder. Dawn (Sara Bareilles), Wickie (Renee Elise Goldsberry, Summer (Busy Philipps) and Gloria (Paula Pell) are giving their dreams a second chance on their own terms and working in the

During this interview with Collider, co-stars Bareilles and Goldsberry talked about how the idea for this show really came together once they had all been cast, how it was like for Bareilles to find her place in the comedy of all things, how they got to combine their acting and singing abilities, and how Wickie would make a better hero or villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Collider: I love this series so much. I wasn''t sure that this was the show I wanted in my life, but I am so grateful to have it. Could you see it from the start of the day, or did it facilitate viewing it once you got together?

SARA BAREILLES: Once we were all in the soup with each other, I thought it all came to life, and it''s clear that the pace and the style of the show is so striking. Even then, it''s a pretty well-written world that''s written and so specific. It''s easy to notice that the pace and the vibe of the show is so present on the page. But everything is technicolor once youe, with hair and makeup and costumes.

RENEE ELISE GOLDSBERRY: I was scared to death. It''s super ambitious and I just thought, Oh, God, how will we do it? But at the beginning of the pilot script, when I realized what Girls5eva meant, just reading the lyrics made me laugh very hard. But it was worth it because the things I was reading was just awful. Paula [Pell] and Sara [Bareilles], and I just was like, Wow!

This season, what should you say about your characters'' arc? What should you despise about what they will personally be going through and how it might affect the group?

BAREILLES: It''s a good season for everyone. Ill speak for Dawn. She''s really learning about her unliving desire, which she is allowing herself to really get hold of being a vocalist and to express her artistic expression for the first time in the group. She''s juggling home life with her professional life, and she feels lonely by letting her ambition become better. She''s messy and juggled. I am here for it.

GOLDSBERRY: For me, I feel like Wickie was always the engine, striving to be the one who helped them evolve. This season, she is not the singer. It''s interesting to see, what she might ask for from her life, if she had an extra moment? That''s my point.

Sara, it''s one thing to be a singer and performer, it''s another thing to act and be a part of a TV show. And with this, you are doing both of those things, but on top of all that, you''re also doing comedy. What''s your experience here, right? Is it something you''ve felt right about yourself?

BAREILLES: In some ways, because I am such a big fan of comedy and this type of comedy, in particular. I was a huge Tina Fey fan, and Robert Carlock and Jeff Richmond. And then, I was a huge Kimmy Schmidt fan. I understand how much she is doing in this show, and how she expresses it in total. I understand how doing it, and how doing it. Every day, I play more of the straight person. I would say Dawn as the one holding the balloon

GOLDSBERRY: I have to terminate her because some of her biggest laugh-out-loud moments are her not holding us down, sondern being up there herself. This season, we all get to pick off a little bit. It''s really fun.


Renee, I feel like Wickie would jump at the chance to join the Marvel Universe without feeling sober. Im curious about whether or not you believe Wickie would be a better hero or a better villain in a superhero film.

GOLDSBERRY: Every day, Wickie would be so good at both. I think she might choose villain because they may have better costumes, but I think shed be a hero. They all need an Achilles heel, but she also has that flaw, and she absolutely picks it every day. I think shed, however, looks so good.

We often hear actors say they wish they could be rock stars, and music performers come to the acting world. What is it like for each of you to really get to do both of those things, and have a success in both of those things?

BAREILLES: It turns out that we do not have any problems anymore. We do not stress out about anything.

GOLDSBERRY: a lot of times, I am doing something over here, and something will cross my mind where I am, and somehow or another, something will happen, so that I get to go do that very other thing. Girls5eva and even all of these women and cast members, however, it feels like theater. It feels like television. There is real pain and pathos there. I think this is a good place to let the lines flow into each other.

BAREILLES: I believe that art is a good trend in which people do not have to feel that they must stay boxed-in. There are as many as 11 people in the country seeking for that polymath status. Were artists, so were drawn to creating.

GOLDSBERRY: There are people who think, Hey, look at Sarah Bareilles. I can tell you that she is a fantastic actress. This is just the fact that someone would have the courage to not keep us in a box.

BAREILLES: I want someone to have the courage to provide me a cooking show. I just give myself that shot. No, please do not. It would be bad.

While you cook, you may sing.

BAREILLES: That''s what I am capable of.

GOLDSBERRY: I''ll see it.

Peacock has the option to stream Girls5eva.

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