10 Teams That Haven't Appeared On Screen Yet At MCU

10 Teams That Haven't Appeared On Screen Yet At MCU ...

If there''s one thing the Marvel Cinematic Universe loves, it''s a great team. Teams of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy are among the most popular in Marvel, and it only appears like fans will see more of them in the future. Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness already introduced audiences to the Illuminati, and it won''t be long before the Fantastic Four make their MCU debut.

Which is the difference between the many other Marvel teams? While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has adapted several, there are still more eager to hear their big-screen debut. It''s time to examine what the future holds for the enticing cinematic universe.

Midnight Sons

If the Avengers were a gathering of Earth''s mightiest heroes, then the Midnight Sons is the same for Marvel''s supernatural heroes. Originally formed by Ghost Riders Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch in the early 1990s, the Midnight Sons came together to confront any and all kinds of threats.

Two of Marvel Studios'' characters, Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Moon Knight (Pedro Pascal, are already on their roster, with Blade (Mahershala Ali) coming in the near future. A Midnight Sons feature may be the perfect cover for these stories.


Exiles sounds like a bag of Marvel''s most famous characters, but it''s a neat twist. All of the characters come from different parts of the world, each having been exiled to keep their faces safe.

This game might be a great opportunity to reimagine classic heroes, including characters like Spider-Man, Peggy Carter, Valkyrie, Black Panther, and others. Entries like What If? have already explored alternative versions of existing characters, thus fans would no longer be surprised by these characteristics.

The Champions

The Champions, which was first launched in 1975, is a team made up of teenage superheroes, including Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, and Ironheart. Their names were able to make a name for themselves, one step further from Earth''s mightiest heroes.

While Marvel Studios seems to be more interested in developing the Young Avengers for the screen, it cannot be denied that this team shows potential. Besides, would having more than one team of teenage superheroes really hurt anyone?

Masters of Evil

Not every team must be composed of superheroes. Some villains like to take the fun out. The Masters of Evil, a team created by Baron Zemo, was the subject of controversy.

While many of the team''s classic members haven''t appeared on film before, it may easily be reimagined to feature familiar rogues from the film series. Regardless of whether comic classics or film favorites, a group of goons might be the perfect match for our heroes.

New Warriors

New Warriors, a new addition to the Avengers, has brought together many of the most diverse and diverse characters from throughout the Marvel Universe. From Nova to Speedball, to Night Thrasher, seemingly no character is too obscur to become a member.

New Warriors might be a great fit for a Disney+ series with its smaller scale and lesser-known characters. Being unknown didn''t hinder the likes of Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy from getting a lot of success, therefore there''s no reason to assume the same will not be true for the New Warriors.

The Ultimates

The Ultimates'' 2015 incarnation is a group crafted of names including Captain Marvel, America Chavez, Black Panther, and Monica Rambeau. Together, they protect the universe from the most harmful cosmic threats.

The stakes and narratives in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have only risen. At this point, a film that combines actors to keep the whole universe safe appears to be an inevitability, especially considering that most of the Ultimates have already been added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Yes, the Defenders did appear in the MCU through Netflix''s TV series for 2017. However, this version has little to do with the original incarnation from 1971, in which actors such as Dr. Strange and the Hulk collaborate to combat mystical fears.

The Defenders is a different group than other Marvel Comics teams in history. Each hero prefers to be on their own, thus forming a chaotic and exciting system.


What happens when a group of villains decides to masquerade as heroes? They seek to become superheroes for real, for example! Or, the Thunderbolts think about it.

The Thunderbolts has evolved into an electric team of villains who want to do good starting in 1997. Featuring a variety of fan favorites and more obscure picks, the film has all the potential to be a crowd-pleaser. Nobody''s doing it as good as these villains!


While fans are anticipating the X-Men''s introduction into the MCU, there are several X-Men teams that have yet to appear on film at any time. One of them is the space-bound Starjammers.

The Guardians brethren of this game have everything they need to do in the box office smash hit. Come on, it''s pirates in space! Who would not want to watch that?

West Coast Avengers

The Avengers have faced a number of offshoots and spin-offs, but the first of them was the West Coast Avengers. After making their comic debut in 1984, the team, which is mostly composed of secondary Avengers, protects the West Coast from the dangers that the New York-bound Avengers cannot.

Other versions of the Marvel group seem to be required to give them all the screen time they deserve. Let''s all be true, if there''s one thing the Marvel Cinematic Universe requires less, it''s huge battles in New York.

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