The bleak new Firestarter adaptation isn't the same as the 1984 original

The bleak new Firestarter adaptation isn't the same as the 1984 original ...

Zac Efron is a bit confused in Peacock''s adaptation of Firestarter, but he is distracting. Every once in a while, while watching it, the thought appears unbidden, as if it was placed by one of the films psychic protagonists: Oh yeah, Zac Efron is in this. The 2022 Firestarter remake, which is widely recognized as one of the worst King adaptations, is that the new version, however, does not include the 84 film, and in

Efron stars alongside Sydney Lemmon (Helstrom, Fear the Walking Dead) and Ryan Kiera Armstrong (Anne with an E, Black Widow) as Andy McGee, a spies group of CIA-inspired government agencies. Andy is able to psychically push individuals into doing things, a skill hes applying to treat nicotine addictions for cash in an early scene. Vicky (Lemmon) is forced to use her ill-defined abilities to keep them at bay, utilizing breathing

Both the Kings novel and the 1984 film begin in medias res after DSI agents close down the McGee family and force Andy and Charlie to go on the run. The 2022 Firestarter backs up to the moment where Charlies powers depreciate. Both are laughable in taste, but the film also teaches you a more severe concept than Halloween Kills. (Much like Halloween Kills, this film apparently cant help but admit murder is bad.) The 2022 Firestarter dialogue is laugh

Greyeyes in particular is a highlight. He''s good in everything, to be fair, and this film really doesn''t deserve him. (The fact that this time around, Rainbird, a Cherokee character, is actually played by a Native actor rather than George C. Scott in brownface, is one point in the remakes column.) When Rainbird is striding around with great purpose and throwing objects around the room with his mind, Greyeyes makes him an antihero to root for. And once Charlie (though

The rest of the cast, who are pushed onto the proverbial iceberg and pushed out to sea in those moments where they have to deliver more than one line of dialogue at a time. Generally, the 2022 Firestarter is pretty well when no one is talking. The practical telekinetic and fire effects are dramatic and professionally executed. Despite the cocaine-decade excess of the 1984 films ending, Keith Thomas is very underwhelming.

John Carpenter''s score for the new Firestarter was a reflection of Carpenter''s willingness to work on movies as long as he can just do the fun parts, and then returning to watching basketball. (This Blumhouse production also includes quite a few behind-the-scenes personnel, demonstrating the Carpenters'' abilities on the project.) Regardless of how hard others might try, this movie might not merit John Carpenter, but it does benefit from his involvement.

The 84 version, though, does not appear until the end of the film. (Here, unfortunately, it''s spoken somewhat late in the review.) And in the end, neither the Firestarter films are competing on the same level as Fast Coloror Midnight Special, both of which share similarities with this horror-ish, paranoid sci-fi thriller. However, when both sides improve, the quality of the 84 original may be a little improvement, even though it has a handful of redeeming qualities than virtually

Peacock is in theaters and streaming on Firestarter.