Every Elden Ring boss shows side by side how big it is

Every Elden Ring boss shows side by side how big it is ...

Elden Rings bosses are as inventive as they are more complex in size. But how do they stack up against one another in scale? A video from Modder and Garden of Eyes showing them unintentionally close to one another, fittingly in a setting that is meant for fighting Rennala''s boss battle.

Garden of Eyes is a popular YouTube channel, where bosses fight one another. While this entry is not dynamic in the same way, its just as engrossing for similar reasons. Elden Ring bosses are striking, and it''s really fun to compare them.

In the video, the player character slowly walks along the row of bosses to demonstrate a sense of scale. It''s a bit jarring to see that each of them had given me my ass, many times in close proximity. When they were successful in training, they each felt stronger than life, especially predecessor bosses like Margit, The Fell Omen, an unwelcome, big fellow, as compared to the smaller knights, wolves, and wandering nobles Id previously. But Marg

This video demonstrates how dangerous some of Elden Rings'' somewhat smaller bosses are, with Malenia and Blade of Miquella approaching the start of the line, despite being one of the most aggressive foes. Despite the sheer valence of Elder Dragon Greyoll, the enormous scarlet-rot afflicted creature Id slain in Caelid for some sweet runes, however it was still sobering. (I do feel a little guilty now, but I wouldnt do