WandaVisions' biggest problem is resolved in Doctor Strange 2

WandaVisions' biggest problem is resolved in Doctor Strange 2 ...

It has only been a year and a half since Disney Plus launched its first Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series WandaVision. However, considering the cultural landscape, it''s easy to forget how confused and favorable some viewers were about WandaVision''s ending, and how controversial the final episode was. In retrospect, WandaVision appears to be much more rewarding in retrospect.

When WandaVision became a naive entertainment industry in January 2021, it was still largely dependent on the Disney archive, although by 2021, it was still unclear how the original content plan would be implemented, and if it would just live on as a well-stocked online library. (At least by that point it was fairly clear it would not quietly shutter after a few ignominious months, like Quibi did in December 2020.)

Nearly all significant theatrical films, the years included, were being postponed or transformed into unheard-of direct-to-streaming releases in January 2021. Nobody knew what a Disney Plus MCU TV show was going to look like, because WandaVision was the first.

It''s been the most enthusiastically and loudly received of any of them to date. Other Disney Plus shows have eclipsed WandaVision in terms of viewership, but none have dominated the cultural landscape the way it did. Its puzzlebox mystery design and week-to-week revelations were tailor-made for a bored, quarantined viewership eager to experiment with unusual ideas and obsess over its surprising revelations, which often doubled as cultural-dominating memes.

It became evident that sometimes-superhero Wanda Maximoff was enslaving hundreds of angry, miserable people in the happy-ever-after sitcom-family fantasy shed with her reality-warping magic. That revelation was difficult to justify the playful, dark early episodes or its profound and obvious sympathy over Wanda losing her lover, Vision (Paul Bettany), both in the MCU movies before the show and then again during it.

The finale never seemed to take the horror of the situation seriously enough. There was no sign that Wanda''s sympathetic, mourning protagonist weeps as she allows the magically generated re-creation of her lost love to dissolve in her arms in real life. Monica is forgiven for allowing the hero to never see what she committed for them, eventually accepting them to return to their real lives.

Wanda''s approach to secret series villain Agatha Harkness is particularly chilling. When she traps Agatha in a tangled, shallow false persona and leaves her to live out a terrible fake life in Westview, she is taking a helpful step toward achieving one of the MCU''s biggest problems. However, the fact that she is doing it to a villain does not make the land any better until Multiverse of Madness clarifies how the end of WandaVision was intended to

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is expected to be big spoilers, according to the publisher.

Wanda''s last choice, involving Agatha rewriting reality in her mind and body, is a difficult challenge to swallow for viewers who want to get away from the show with their respect and sympathy. It fits oddly against the sentimental and tragic moments that immediately precede it, as Wanda throws her imaginary children into bed and says them goodbye, then desperately locks eyes with her fake vision as he permits him to break.

Wanda, who is known as the ultimate villain of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, gives the tone of her resolution somewhat clearer. She is not a sympathetic hero who is doing an unimaginably horrible and merciless thing. She is now fully aware of how her horrifying new power level gives her complete control over other people, including the ability to take her pain out of her arms.

I''m sorry, she tells Agatha before stealing her agency, memory, and self-deprecation. No youre not, youre cruel! Agatha spits at her. Turns out, Agatha was correct, and her explanation of the situation was the key to what was going on at the end of the series. (Once again, it was Agatha all along.)

Wanda''s continuing rage is evidently a fair response, as long as the filmmaker''s reasoning is The Darkhold corrupted her, which neither WandaVision nor the film explains. This is a completely different conversation, and a much more complicated one. However, the final of WandaVision makes no sense, given that Marvel Studios was deliberately concealing information rather than telling an unsettling story.

If you watch WandaVision as a standalone project, you may still see the tonal shifts and a lack of resolution. But nothing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is really meant to stand alone. Every new show and movie is just another chapter in one large, continuous narrative. It''s much more apparent how Wandas anguish and her sense of self-control help her in making difficult choices and unpleasing empathy.

It''s similar to that she does not apologize to Westview residents for slandering them into agonized puppets, why she does not attempt to justify her behavior or connect with them. Its because she already discovered that their grief was not as important to her as her own. She knew what she was doing to them in order to create her fantasy world was shattering, painful, and terrifying, and she did not relent much more than she had when she met Agatha. That''s an awful, stunning revelation that

In the end of the series, she is still having enough shame left to make Monica apologize for her regrets, but not enough to express compassion or sorry for her victims, and certainly not enough to be aggressive or aggressive against her. She is already beginning her recovery by exploring the Darkhold and discovering a way to make her imaginary kids real no matter who she is. This time, she is still working on the first attempt to ease her pain.

WandaVision might have stated that she was already ready to torture an entire town of strangers for days to kill one girl. However, it was just teeing up that reveal to make it a surprise in Multiverse of Madness.

Wanda''s depth and characteralism still make a huge leap for fans back before Avengers: Infinity War. Yet, as we see Wanda again, our whole narrative gets more sense and feels complete. Now that we have the ending that the series couldnt offer, it''s clearer than ever before that it''s time to follow up on its own. Maybe that very theoretical second season of WandaVision isn''t as likely as it once looked.

With WandaVision again, she seemed to have all but forgotten him before starting a quest to find a universe where she still has kids? Not every time, WandaVision does so, but she does not know why she would be using it for her sake. Whether or not, WandaVision or Multiverse of Madness will answer the whole issue and resolve it.