With Rift's return and a brand-new map, Destiny 2's Iron Banner gets a big refresh

With Rift's return and a brand-new map, Destiny 2's Iron Banner gets a big refresh ...

Bungie has not been afraid to rethink, remix, and modify portions of Destiny 2 over the past five years, and Iron Banner is the fun, more casual part of Crucible PvP for season 17 of Destiny 2, which he believes is changing the way Iron Banner plays, both in terms of rewards and the core game mode it uses.

Bungie is delaying power levels in Iron Banner in order to, well, level the playing field. (Power level will still be active in Trials of Osiris, according to Bungie.)

Iron Banner players will also get a new place to play in the form of a brand-new map called Disjunction, which is the first brand-new map for Destiny 2 PvP in over two years, with lots of many-butted horses, transparent brown glass, and art deco designs, according to Bungie.

Season 17 of Destiny 2 will see Rift, Destinys rugby-with-guns PvP mode, to replace Control in Iron Banner. Bungie says it will switch out the Iron Banner game mode every season, noting, sometimes it may be a brand new or returning mode, sometimes it might be an interesting twist on an existing mode.

Saladin will offer players a new, mandatory quest to explain the new PvP methods.

You only need to complete it once per account, but with this reset, everyone wanted to get the same introduction, and even Iron Banner veterans will need to do this, according to Bungie. In fact, you will need to start this quest to even access the Iron Banner node.

Season 17 of Destiny 2 will be live on May 24. Bungies Weekly Blog offers more information on the upcoming changes to Destiny 2s Iron Banner mode and its new Disjunction map.