The latest version of No Mans Skys is a solid, if not shallow, Han Solo fantasy

The latest version of No Mans Skys is a solid, if not shallow, Han Solo fantasy ...

Outlaws, the new No Mans Sky update aimed at the galaxy''s rogues and rascals, may be effective. Developer Hello Games is happy to keep you doing it. Outlaws allows the players to roam across planets, build up bases, and steal illicit supplies across the globe.

There are times when it works quite well in No Mans Sky. I love ping-ponging between stations, submitting fraudulent passports to hide my footwork, and preventing Sentinel scans from detecting high-value goods I have shipped in the back of my little ship. If I do everything right (or if I am lucky) I may have to pay a bribe, leave some of my cargo, or run into a dogfight.

In Outlaws, the ability to lock on my opponents means that I no longer spin in circles in space, chasing an enemy that is always on the edge of my peripheral version. The new Squadrons feature allows me to call a pair of bros to my side. It''s not easy, as the Sentinels are a relentless and diverse foe but it can save millions of units on cargo.

If there is one question I have about Outlaws, its that the expansion just does not feel pirate-y enough. There''s a sense of wild abandon and adventure that entails a pirate expansion. I feel more like im doing paperwork at the space DMV than flipping off the space feds as I jump out of there with my ship full of illegal goods.

I don''t think that Outlaws'' pirate fantasy is incomplete. This is partly because this is Hello Games. It has gained trust among gamers by constantly updating the game and adding more complexity to the complex situations. Currently, there are dozens of small improvements that have enabled No Mans Sky in space. I constantly travel across the surface of planets, which have benefited my settlement from hostile, newly adapted Sentinel attackers.

Outlaws is merely the start of a more fraudulent way to play in No Mans Sky; it is not quite complete, but it is still fun as of now (and more importantly, it is functional). I am just looking for something more yar har and rum in my pirate fantasy. And as always, im willing to wait to see how Hello Games works.