You may see these 11 thrilling Stephen King adaptations at home

You may see these 11 thrilling Stephen King adaptations at home ...

Stephen King would be a harsh compliment. The Shawshank Redemption, Carrie, The Stand, Misery, and The Shining are all on the rise, dating from his work on George Romeros Creepshow to remarkable books courtesy of Brian De Palma, Frank Darabont, John Carpenter, and others.

Weve written a list of some of our favorite Stephen King films for free, not just from the mainstream one, like Stanley Kubricks The Shining (available on HBO Max). We''ll go ahead and guess you know that.

Here are 11 of the most popular Stephen King adaptations you can see at home this weekend.

Carrie (1976)

Without a support system, a real horror is going through puberty (or any warning of what will happen to your body).

The climactic prom night sequence from Brian De Palmas 1976 brings to life anxieties both natural (being bullied as a teen with a terror of a mother) and supernatural (having uncontrollable super powers as a high schooler). Both Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie are unforgettable in the lead roles, and the climactic prom night sequence is one of the most infamous scenes in the history of American horror films. Pete Volk

Carrie is now available on Amazon Prime Video.


Christine is a famous Stephen Kings story about a car with a thirst for blood and a keen for mind control. Arnie (Keith Gordon), a high schooler with a lack of confidence, sees a beaten-up Plymouth Fury sitting off the road and is instantly smitten. Despite his friends warning, Arnie starts working on the car before it slowly takes over his life and is releasing everyone else to ensure it is the only thing he can pay attention to.

Carpenter''s narrator is a simple concept that might have gone off the rails easily, which is precisely why he was the perfect choice to direct. Carpenter turns the automobile into a slasher villain with horrific headlights closing in on frontview mirrors like its stalking prey. It''s also impressive that the Carpenters effect, like the car slowly rebuilding itself after being destroyed, still look outstanding today. Christine is one of the stories that is just on the back of the Kings, and the Carpenter

Christine is available on Netflix.

The Dark Half

George Romeros The Dark Half, a classic twin adapted in the horror thriller, is a film about duality and separated personalities, both literal and figurative, through an author (Timothy Hutton) who produces capital-L Literature under his real name and best-selling pulp novels under a pseudonym. When his secret is discovered, he decides to go public with it himself, bringing out his dark half, who is more of a sadistic, black-clad second personality than

The Dark Half, which was complemented by Huttons, lacks excellent performance and strong character actors in supporting roles (like Glenn Coleriders, who wants to create a photo book of teddy bears in coffins), is an enjoyable pairing of Kings unnerving tale with Romeros'' gory practical effects. (One of the opening scenes is an unsettling brain surgery sequence reminiscent of both The Exorcist and Malignant, but there is plenty in here from Hitchcocks The Birds). While

The Dark Half is now available on HBO Max.

The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone, a Stephen Kings sci-thriller, was created in 1983 for a tour de force of frightfully humorous imagery and skillfully jarring editing. Johnny Smith, who was diagnosed with a five-year illness with the ability to envision a person past and future simply by touching them. After crossing paths with a rising Senate candidate (Martin Sheen) with sinister ambitions, Johnny is plagued with apocalyptic problems.

As a director Cronenberg feels well-suited for manipulating this material, by taking Kings original and infusing it with the macabre visuals and existential melancholy that would go on to be his signature. Walken is fantastic here as Smith, a man who is not only chastised by his moral and psychological burdens, but also by the ghost of a life he has now denied. Toussaint Egan

The Dead Zone is available on HBO Max.

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is one of the most recent Stephen King books on this list, but isn''t one of the best, which made it the perfect fit for an impressive adaptation. Danny Torrance, who has now gone by Dan, has put the Overlooks past behind him with his own abilities, but eventually discovers a need for them again when a slew of psychic vampires starts tracking down a youngster who Shines even better.

In Dans''s somewhat recent days, the film''s biggest advantage is in his alcoholism, and his own struggles re-contextualize how he saw Jack right up until the end. Mike Flanagans'' original (especially his directors cut) improves on its source material in every way, and by bringing Danny and Jack together, even attempts to do the impossible.

Doctor Sleep is now available on HBO Max. The directors of the Cut are available for purchase online on Amazon and the Google Play store.

Geralds Game

The director of Geralds Game in 2017 successfully translated the novel to film by keeping Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) who died almost immediately of a heart attack following a handcuffing Jessie (Carla Gugino) to the bed, which is present in Jessies hallucinations. The bogus Gerald taunts Jessie as she becomes less dehydrated and more desperate to escape.

The Geralds Game is a slow burn of psychological horror that suits Flanagans style well. The story maintains some of Kings less comfortable go-tos childhood sexual abuse, which is arguably not very important to the plot but also has one of the Kings finest endings, and Flanagans'' adaptation more than does it justice. It''s a genre of horror that doesnt fully sink in until the very end, but when it touches, it hits. Kallie Plagge

The Geralds Game is now available on Netflix.

It (2017)

The first half of Andy Muschiettis'' two-film adaptation of Stephen Kings It is just fine as a stand-alone horror film, and it is perhaps stronger as a solo project than the first half of a double feature. In Both cases, a strong child cast and convincing bonding scenes give this project a hefty Stranger Things vibe, given the possibility that a kid-bonding horror film like Stand by Me was inspired. Tasha Robinson has a great sense of humor in the book.

Chapter One of the puzzles has been released on HBO Max.


When Paul Sheldon (James Caan) crashes his car during a storm, he finds an experienced nurse who brings him to her farmhouse and treats him to his wounds. She also has plenty of time to convince him to return to romances while he is alone in his care.

Misery sees the reunion of director Rob Reiner and screenwriter William Goldman, fresh off of The Princess Bride, for another flavorful meta-story about novels. But its truly Bates Oscar-winning performance that makes this contained thriller work. Annie is at turns sweet and sympathetic and terrifying and deranged; Bates intensity as she swings from hinged to unhinged makes her one of the most memorable and haunting villains in all of horror canon. Jenna Stoeber

Misery is available on Showtime.

Pet Sematary (1989)

The Creed family''s beloved cat Church falls victim to traffic just short after moving to a new house by a busy road. The next day, Church returns, but he isn''t quite the same. However, pets arent the only thing that can be laid to rest there.

Pet Sematary is a premium 80s horror story, filled with horrifying weirdo side characters; the Gwynnes folksy harbinger has been oft referenced or repeated, but it does not get better than the original, although it suffers from the same vilification of rather generic Native American values that suffuse Kings works, though to a lesser extent.

Director Mary Lambert is probably best known for her musical roles, including Janet Jacksons Nasty and Madonnas Material Girl. Pet Sematary is a genre that is uneven in terms of narrative and purpose, resulting in a spooky and dark ending. Pro tip: Don''t wait for the credits to listen to the Ramones absolute banger, Pet Sematary, written for this film (and skip the 2019 adaptation altogether).

Pete Sematary is available on Netflix.

The Running Man

Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a police officer who attempts to halt a police massacre with members of the family in an unusually generous television choreography. The result is a fun 1980s sci-fi action film that features great guest appearances from sports personalities like Jim Brown, Jesse Ventura, and Professor Tanaka. The photo is also a great example of Schwarzenegger''s character.

The Running Man is available on Amazon and Apple for $3.99, while The Running Man is available on Amazon and Apple for $2.99, according to Vudu.

Salems Lot (1979)

Salems Lot follows a writer, like many of Kings'' finest works, who travels back to his homeland to investigate a strange Austrian immigrant who has never seen the house during the daytime, and is sure to know what kinds of vampiric hauntings will happen next. Of course, this adaptation, led by Tobe Hooper, who also directed The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, has a fantastic ability to develop vampire style and character. Several of the greatest scares of any King adaptation

With a site on Tubi, the Salems Lot is available for free.