The President of the Nut Alliance responds to accusations of working conditions at Nintendo, and finds reports "troubling."

The President of the Nut Alliance responds to accusations of working conditions at Nintendo, and fin ...

In a workers'' rights complaint, Nintendo of America was nabbed last month. In another complaint, an individual worker claimed their legal right to unionise was violated. In response, Nintendo said the worker was "formerly terminated for disclosure of confidential information." This followed with further allegations about working conditions for part-time and contract employees.

Axios Gaming author Stephen Totilo has shared an internal message from Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser to employees about "stories appearing in certain media" about the "alleged working conditions at Nintendo". Bowser said he and the executive leadership team found many of the points "troubling" and were "reviewing the content." He reiterated that Nintendo had a "zero tolerance" for inappropriate behavior, including harassment, discrimination, or intimidation.

A previous Nintendo of America contractor said Bowser''s message was "disappointing" as it apparently didn''t mention "the contractor issue core to so many accounts." Other Nintendo of America contractors shared their stories with Axios. One former contractor known as Ash spoke about their struggle to take time off during a difficult period in their life:

They worked in Nintendo''s customer service center for years through 2015. Strict time-off limitations for contractors added to stress that contractors may be dropped at any time. That pressure, they said, aggravated a heart condition. Ash says she was told if I went to his funeral, I wouldn''t have a job when I arrived.

Axios explains how these accounts match what''s been published by YouTube and IGN. Nintendo''s contractors are apparently treated like "second-class" workers, as they apparently don''t receive the benefits of full-time employees and are never given the opportunity to take over more secure positions. In April, Nintendo issued an official PR statement with GoNintendo, responding to a lawsuit against the workers'' rights organization:

"We are aware of the claim," said a contractor who was previously terminated for the disclosure of confidential information and for no other reason. Nintendo isn''t aware of any attempts to unionize or related activities and intends to cooperate with the NLRB''s investigation.

"Nintendo is committed to providing a welcoming and supportive workplace environment to all our employees and contractors. We take workplace issues very seriously."

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