People Record 3DS Concerts On Their 3DS Consoles, And We Love It

People Record 3DS Concerts On Their 3DS Consoles, And We Love It ...

We''ve never been fans of the notion of buying an expensive ticket for a concert only to spend the two hours or so it''s likely to last holding some sort of recording device up in the air, watching the whole thing through the lens of a screen. Concerts are one of few experiences in life where you can truly live in the moment, forget about everything on the outside, and just get lost in the music.

Having said that, if we were to perform a concert, you can bet that we''ll be cutting out a few Nintendo fans'' books and using our 3DS consoles to do this. We know what you''re thinking, right? In the last months, a trend has sparked, where some concert attendees are recording live gigs.

Here''s a look at what the footage says about it (averting: it''s rough):

The maximum resolution of 640480 pixels for the 3DS camera isn''t going to pick up the finer details, but here''s the thing; it''s in 3D. Sure, there were a few smartphones that displayed a 3D screen before the villain died a quick death, but the 3DS has endured in a way that few other 3D devices could hope to replicate. Despite the obvious poor quality, it provides a certain charm to video recordings.

Here are a few other accounts of people who use 3DS consoles at concerts:

Anamanaguchi, a chiptune band, got a call from IGN to discuss the bizarre emerging trend. After having had a great deal of gaming experience in the past, including composing the entire soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game, Anamanaguchi was unsurprised.

Yeaah its tired. We''ve seen it every couple of years now but we''re seeing it more and more. Honestly, its always way more hype footage than the like iPhone 15 front row full set in 4K HD footage. It''s always takes us a second to decide whether or not it''s loll, but it''s sound and looks very good.

The band discussed on Twitter a suggestion about the movement, joking with IGN that it would release a ''Live on 3DS'' album and put it on vinyl, as well.

"If you take footage of us live with a Nintendo 3DS, you are legally obligated to send it. The maximum penalty will be pursued for those who do not comply."

Although this is certainly a strange, but perhaps brief trend, we can''t help but feel a little embarrassing about the whole thing. After all, concerts are particularly busy places, and it''s only a matter of time before some poor 3DS owner drops their console onto the sticky floor, guaranteed to be trodden on by an over-enthusiastic music fan. However, 3DS consoles are slowly but surely dwindling, since Nintendo discontinued it in 2020. If one of these things fails,

What are you thinking about this emerging trend? Have you tried it yourself? If so, please share your thoughts on this topic in the comments below.