The Kao The Kangaroo Trailer Shows Friends And Family

The Kao The Kangaroo Trailer Shows Friends And Family ...

Tate Multimedia has released a new trailer for the upcoming Kao the Kangaroo, demonstrating the characters who will join and support Kao on his adventures.

Walt, Kao''s mentor, is assuming Marlene, who will be delivering Kao with motherly advice at several intervals. Finally, we''re got Gadget, Kay''s best friend, who is certainly the inventor.

On May 27th and 2022, Kao the Kangaroo will be released on Switch. Here''s a brief explanation of the characters'' features:

Beautiful, diverse worlds, packed with secrets - Engaging and fun gameplay for all ages - family-friendly, but for core gamers - Magic gloves stacked with powers - Kao himself - a cheeky, brave, and feisty kangaroo who embarks on a life changing journey - An engaging story filled with captivating characters - Challenging combat - A whole host of items to collect

Are you looking forward to Kao the Kangaroo? Did you play the original games on Windows back then in the day? Let us know!

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