The Deadpool Cameo for Doctor Strange 2 was thought to be a success, but it didn't feel like the right place

The Deadpool Cameo for Doctor Strange 2 was thought to be a success, but it didn't feel like the rig ...

In the months leading up to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, speculation boiled about whether Marvel actors might make cameo appearances in the film. After Spider-Man: No Way Home was down the walkways with its multiverse announcement, leaving the door open for just about anyone to appear.

As a result, one name developed to take priority over other names: Deadpool. Several fans became convinced that Ryan Reynolds would play his beloved foul-mouthed superhero in the film, although the actor respectfully denied his involvement whenever the topic was discussed.

Reynolds said he''s reallynotin the film because he''s promising to stay away from it.

In true superhero fandom fashion, most internet viewers remained perplexed about Reynolds'' situation. If anything, Andrew Garfield admitted to lying about his appearance in No Way Home before the film was released, citing a desire to surprise fans.

I would wish that the actor do an excellent job of convincing me that he wasn''t there, according to Garfield. And then I would wish to lose my mind in the theater when my instinct was verified right. That''s exactly what I want.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is finally coming to Netflix, but Reynolds wasn''t in the film. Although the fans'' predictions were incorrect, they may have been more exact than they expected.

Screenwriter Michael Waldron explained that the fans who wanted a Deadpool remake were not entirely wrong. Although nothing was ever recorded, the Marvel team did discuss requesting Reynolds to appear for the film.

Yeah, we talked about it, according to Waldron. I think we talked about everything in this film. So, it would have been crazy to not mention that, but it ended up not feeling likeIt just wasn''t like the right place. However, yeah, we talked about it.

While the lack of Deadpool in the film was evidently disappointing to some viewers, the character is expected to return to multiplexes soon. Reynolds recently revealed that a third film, with Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux on board to develop the script.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness writer Mark Waldron revealed that he considered plenty of other roles for the Illuminati twist, but couldnt [include them] or we decided for other reasons to go in different directions, according to Waldron.

Doctor Strange in Madness''s Multiverse is now playing in theaters.