The 10 Most-Watched and 10 Most-Watched Broadcast TV Shows for the 2021-22 Season

The 10 Most-Watched and 10 Most-Watched Broadcast TV Shows for the 2021-22 Season ...

Despite what you may have heard, linear television isn''t dead yet, and we have ten broadcast shows that proved it over the course of the final September-to-May television season. Finally, we have also ten things that are evidently opposite.

The CBS procedural has been the best on broadcast for four years in a row, with one week of delayed viewing counted, according to Nielsen statistics. (NBCs This Is Us was the only other programming program to total 10 million viewers this season).

For the purposes of this story, we omitted sports and news programming; otherwise the majority of the top 10 would be football. 60 Minutes, the long-running CBS newsmagazine series that can really go either way in terms of genre, should not be giving CBS the short end of the stick, though: The most-watched channel was the only network of the so-called Big 4 (CBS, NBC, Fox, and ABC) that didn''t have any shows in the bottom 10.

One last curation caution: We would have chosen to include The CW in this narrative. If we had, the least-watched list would have read like the young- and digital-skewing (those two go hand-in-hand) broadcasters primetime lineup card. That would not be any fun or fair to them, at least, Fox would not have planned.

Focusing on total viewers is beneficial in some ways and less-good in others. It disproportionately rewards programs and shows that cater to older viewers (read: CBS and procedurals). Perfectly, the only three non-CBS series in the top 10 this season was Dick Wolfs three Chicago shows on NBC. Wolf, the super-producer, accounts for half of the series on this list: the entirety of that Chicago universe and the two qualifying FBI series.

Below are the top 10 shows, of which eight series are dramas and two episodes. One, CBS Ghosts, is a freshman show. Each of these 10 shows has been renewed.

The Most-Watched Broadcast Series, Season 2021-22

1. NCIS (CBS): 10.974 million viewers 2. FBI (CBS): 10.354 million viewers 3. Chicago Fire (CBS): 9.617 million viewers 5. Blue Bloods (CBS): 9.608 million viewers 7. Chicago Med (NBC): 9.203 million viewers 9. FBI: Most Wanted (CBS): 8.409 million viewers

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While NBC executives will be happy to see Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med on our list, they may not be thrilled with our call for the TV season from September to May in 2022. In many ways, Nielsen was separated out the summer and still does, in many ways, as the warm-weather months were only reruns.

These days, networks draw out a mix of originals and repeats. No one does that better than NBC, who prefers a September-to-September program to season-long measurement. It is possible that a good performance from the summers regular Americas Got Talent would kick Ghosts off this list (and possibly move a few other series down). AGT averaged 8.7 million viewers on Tuesdays last summer, 9.0 million in Summer 2020, and 11.9 million in the summer before the Covid epidemic stole much of

We know what youe really here for, however. Below are the least-watched broadcast series of the season. To avoid awkward one-offs, we only included shows that were broadcasted a minimum of two episodes in the thought time slot.

The Least-Watched Broadcast Series, Season 2021-22

1.855 million people per day for 10. Queens (ABC): 1.848 million people 8. Grand Crew (NBC): 1.810 million viewers 6. Bobs Burgers (Fox): 1.616 million viewers 4. Flatch (Fox): 1.068 million viewers 2. The Courtship (NBC): 536,000 viewers

Sean Gleason and the United States Network have teamed up to create a new website.

Half of Fox''s bottom 10 shows are animated series, which skew young and toward viewing on digital platforms not all of which are measured by Nielsen (and even less of which occurs within seven days of a linear premiere). According to Fox''s internal data, the average Bobs Burgers episode has nearly 7 million viewers when calculating all platforms and all days following a premiere, to-date. Either way, don''t feel too bad for Duncanville, Bobs Burgers, and The Great North, they have all been renewed

There is a question to be heard that Kenan is getting a tense placement here: the five episodes that were aired at 8:30 p.m. did poorly enough to make our list, but the lions share of episode 2 episodes in the normal 8 oclock time slot did not. Anyway, the series, however, did not, as did other bottom-10 series, unscripted NBC shows Home Sweet Home and The Courtship. (Actually, both were not just cancelled but were uncere

The top two shows, Foxs Duncanville and NBC''s Bridgerton dating series, had only one million viewers per episode.

Despite its own failure to attract an audience, NBCs Grand Crew was renewed for a second try; ABCs Queens was not. But well always have this certified Queens banger, courtesy of Swizz Beatz (and yas, the queens)