SeaWorld and Universal Orlando have been in a Twitter conflict over roller coasters, and I'm getting ready for it

SeaWorld and Universal Orlando have been in a Twitter conflict over roller coasters, and I'm getting ...

In many industries, social media companies are developing the snark. The Universal Orlando Resort Twitter account is probably the best known for such things. In the theme park world, Universal often takes aim at its Mouse-based competition, but in recent months it has thrown shade in the direction of SeaWorld, and SeaWorld has not been shy about returning. Both accounts are in a battle for roller coasters.

The fight began when SeaWorld was referred to as the Coaster Capital of Orlando on Twitter. It has a number of roller coasters that are considered as some of the best around, including the Mako and the brand new Ice Breaker.

Youve arrived. SeaWorld is the #CoasterCaptial of Orlando And were just beginning 11, 2022

With SeaWorld, Universal Orlando Resort is launching two of the best new roller coasters, including the Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and the even newer Velocicoaster. UOR has noted that between its two parks, it actually has more coasters than Sea World.

SeaWorld was able to respond in kind, saying that it had more coasters in a single park than Universal, and that no one needed to park hop to experience everything. Universal then made a snarky response, claiming SeaWorld to be tiny.

At least there''s a second park to go. May 12, 2022

While Universal Orlando Resort is known for its sarcastic behavior in Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, which has gained widespread use in recent years, particularly among roller coaster enthusiasts. At the moment, SeaWorld seems to be considering living rent free in Universals head today, and it appears the park is totally okay with it.

Aww Uni, you ALWAYS talk about SeaWorld. You must really care about us As a token of our friendship, we wanted to send your social team a nice little care package. Enjoy! 12, 2022

This is the sort of coup de grace, as UOR does not respond to SeaWorld after this. Thats not to say there were any responses. Theme park fans who watched all of this unfold sort of lost their mind, and this last mic drop most of all. Although, Busch Gardens decided to chime in at this point, only to make sure people knew who the real roller coaster champ of Florida is.

Is it now a bad time to mention that we have ten coasters in one park? May 12, 2022

The reason why this is so much fun is that there is nothing mean spirited about it. While these different parks might technically be competition for each other, enthusiasts of theme parks who are able to visit them from time to time. While the question of who has the most coasters is perhaps less important than which one is your favorite. There is still a lot to be found about it.