Mike Myers' Unbelievably Unchained Characters in Films And Television

Mike Myers' Unbelievably Unchained Characters in Films And Television ...

Is it possible to talk about one of the best character actors ever? Mike Myers has always been one of the first names I have come to mind.

Mike Myers has created some of the most memorable scenes to grace television and the cinema in the modern era, from his early days on Saturday Night Live to his movie personas. This feature has been combined with a few of his most notable characters, starting with one that I grew up on...

Shrek (Shrek Series)

Without talking about Shrek, we cannot have a Mike Myers list.

Mike Myers represents the titular green ogre for four films in the Shrek series and a possible fifth one, which he discovers when he encounters Princess Fiona and finds the true meaning of love. It''s arguably the greatest success of the actor.

Mike Myers'' fantastic voice-acting skills bring this character to a new level, and kids and adults alike find him admirable. He has continued to be a fan favorite for everyone, except for Mike Myers'' own children, but that''s a small exception.

Austin Powers (Austin Powers Series)

As usual, make sure you get things done.

Austin Powers from the Austin Powers series is one of the first characters they ever see. It''s easy to forget primarily because he''s so damn funny, and Myers improves from start to finish.

It may not be too long before we get to see the titular character again, and his return would be lauded if the comedy standard could be maintained. There are so many jokes from the Austin Powers franchise that have passed through, and I cant wait to see how a new story might add to the legacy of the international man of mystery.

Dr. Evil (Austin Powers Series)

Evidently, I''m not.

From that funny egg-like head to the way he places his pinky finger when he says one million dollars, Dr. Evil is the perfect parody of a Bond villain in so many ways, and only Mike Myers in the Austin Powers franchise might portray him. Every moment is he is on screen is hysterical, and Myers adds a wonderful sense of sas.

Fans have inspired the idea of a possible Dr. Evil solo film, but they were just going to have to wait and see if the sequel will be made. If the film does, please be sure my butt will be in the theater to see it and laughing.

Linda Richman (Saturday Night Live)

This is the first of many Saturday Night Live characters on this list. Mike Myers portrayed Linda Richman on the sketch show, a Barbara Streisand superfan who has plenty of brilliant moments in her special segment, Coffee Talk. Richman isn''t much like seeing Bill Murray talk to friends like Madonna, Yiddish words, and a tendency to become emotionally overwhelmed (or, as she says, "I''m a little verklempt."

Linda Richman was a constant character for him as he revealed that Linda Richman was based on his former mother-in-law (according to People).

Pat Arnold (Saturday Night Live)

Mike Myers is a part of a recurring sketch series called Bill Swerskis Superfans, entoming Chicago''s sports culture during the 80s and 90s, and the fandom that sparked it.

Paired with Joe Mantegna, Chris Farley, and Robert Smigel, he retraces the midwestern tone and depicts a perfect caricature of a sports fan from the area at the time, letting you taste the beer and sweat as they root for "Da Bears."

Wayne Campbell (Waynes World)

Mike Myers, who starred in The Waynes World on Saturday Night Live, has grown rapidly over the years, culminating in a sequel with Dana Carvey as Garth Algar. And you can only get something better than Wayne Campbell.

Mike Myers is a rock and roll lovin, a talented person that you can only but love. He is a great person, and his ability to be honest with perfection is a great reason for him to inspire great love. Wayne and Garth have a friendship as well as it was fantastic to imagine them reconnecting years later to do a Super Bowl ad together my childhood.

Dieter (Saturday Night Live)

Dieter was one of the characters who slammed me as a kid merely because of his naive ideas. However, as I''ve grown older, I wouldn''t want it any other way, as Mike Myers is terrific as this Saturday Night Live character.

Dieter, who was the host of a German variety show called Sprockets, is a talented actor who spoke to non-fiction writers and to get their hot opinions on the culture they surround them. It''s hysterical, and seeing his old sketches will make you feel as a little kid.

Simon (Saturday Night Live)

Simon is a little creepy. I''m not certain if a grown man is in a bathtub, but it works because it''s Mike Myers. Simon, a boy who starts drawerings and writes stories that feel a little too adult for him to complete, is a perpetually hilarious sketch, and often features other celebrities join in on his bath-time shenanigans (my personal favorite being Danny DeVitos time in the tub).

In my eyes, I look at Simon and almost consider him as a precursor to Austin Powers, because if Austin was a kid, him and Simon would go along very well. Their personality is astounding. Perhaps this is something Austin Powers 4 can make sense.

Stuart MacKenzie (So I Married An Axe Murderer)

Stuart MacKenzie, who plays Charlie MacKenzie in the film, is also missing from the film, but there''s just something about Stewart, Charlie''s father, that I love even more.

Stuart MacKenzie is a mysterious character who is renowned for his homeland of Scotland, as shown by a literal wall of fame in his house, and Mike Myers is laugh-out-loud funny flinging around outrageous conspiracy theories. He is a character that you want to sit down with and have a drink with a nice scotch, naturally.

Mike Myers has some truly amazing characters, and these are just some of his favorites from his decades-long career. Im sure that over time, well only get to see more of his paintings become famous. Now, if more news about Austin Powers 4 could come out, it might be fantastic.

His most recent film, The Pentaverate, is now available on Netflix.