While rewatching Mamma Mia, I Had 7 Thoughts (For The Millionth Time)

While rewatching Mamma Mia, I Had 7 Thoughts (For The Millionth Time) ...

From the incredible Mamma Mia! cast, to its fun storyline, and the catchy music, this film has just something to it that works for me every time I watch it. Yet, this is still one of my favorite modern musicals, and it will help you make the most of it.

As I was observing this for the millionth time in recent years, I kept thinking about things that have changed in my head over the years when I finally discovered this film. So, in honor of my love for Mamma Mia!, I will outline seven thoughts that crossed my mind while re-watching this fantastic film.

Meryl Streep Is Having The Time Of Her Life

I mean, you cant deny it. Look at her. Look at her smile.

Meryl Streep is an amazing actress, with her record for having the most Oscar nominations, and her ability to perform effectively in a variety of roles. She has been in many popular films such as Sophies Choice, The Iron Lady, The Post, and many others that it''s difficult to keep count. Her timing is excellent, and she is extremely polite. There''sn''t really much you can criticize this famous actress.

Which is why it''s so uplifting to see her in such a position.

Meryl Streep is known as a dazzling dramatic actress, but it''s so great to see her sing and dance around with her friends as Donna, seeing that genuine smile that adorns her face. I love seeing Streep play dramatically, but her performance in Mamma Mia! has always been one of my favorites because she truly feels like she''s having the time of her life.

Sophie Afford''s How to Report The Hell To Greece?

Like, it''s true. How did she manage this?

Sophies (played by Amanda Seyfried) is a property on Kalokairi, but like, we must be mindful of this. Sophie, in Mamma Mia!, is twenty years old. Im sorry, but there arent a lot of twenty-year-olds who can afford to fly all of their family and friends to a destination wedding in Greece of all kinds.

And, by some miracle, Sophie was able to offer to bring people out there - this island was still far out there in Greece. The transportation would have been a mess. And, the fact that the wedding was basically canceled at the end kind of made the entire celebration shambled. So, let''s hope you have a wonderful future.

Sophie And Sky Are Actually Really Cute

When I was young and stupid, I didn''t like Sophie and Sky (Dominic Cooper), so I know, strange, but I think it because I was too young to really care about their friendship.

Ive gained the confidence to appreciate their relationship and how cute they are. Generally speaking, people will affirm that they love each other and have the same passions and goals for the future, and that even through difficult times, they will make it out okay. Even them in the end collectively choosing to cancel the wedding until they''re ready and just travel was a great moment between them.

Oh, and their song, "Lay All Your Love On Me?" Yup, it''s a bop and a half, and I''ll listen to it again.

Is it possible to be as flexible as Donna and her friends someday?

Seriously. They are the strangest ones.

Donna and her two friends, Rosie (Julie Walters) and Tanya (Christine Baranski), reunite for one night only as their band, Donna and the Dynamos, to perform for Sophie and her friends and ugh, this scene is so special.

When Im in my fifties, it''s full of pleasure and passion, and makes me want to wear a big glittery jumpsuit. Middle-age goals.

Bring On The Water Works

Every time I listen to "Slipping Through My Fingers," I cry, and this scene is no exception, as we watch Donna assist her daughter, Sophie, in preparation for her wedding. It''s such a pleasure to witness: mother, simply aiding her daughter in getting ready, painting her nails, and getting her dressed - it''s so heartfelt and heartfelt.

I think what makes this scene even better is that we know how stressful this wedding was not only for Sophie, but for Donna. But seeing them come together after all the drama that has resulted in Sophie''s three possible parents coming there, and everything else, is definitely worth the wait.

Pierce Brosnan is not being sung by God, but by a friend.

Pierce Brosnan doesnt care if we miss this signing voice, but, as promised, God is putting him to rest.

Pierce Brosnan has produced several spectacular films, including his stint as James Bond. He is a great actor, although he isn''t a good singer. Even now, I haven''t experienced his grungy, awful voice. As someone who was growing up with music in my house from afar, I make me want to close my ears.

Brosnan, youre still a fantastic actor, has been mentioned. Just stay away from my songs, please.

This Movie Really Didnt Need A Sequel

Je more I watch this film and see the ending, the more I start to think - this film did not require a sequel. Like, at all.

While Mamma Mia! 2: Here We Go Again took some money, got decent reviews, and increased the ante of the cast, including big names like Cher and Lily James, I still didn''t think it was necessary. I didnt want a film that said about Donna''s strange and mysterious death, and seeing her spirit at peace. It was nice and all to learn about her past and watch Sophie grow up, but we didn''t need it.

The first film ended perfectly, with new couples getting together, Donna and Sam getting married, and Sophie and Sky getting their chance to sail off into the sky for a vacation. That''s why I thought this sequel was justin''t acceptable. However, I''m surprised by the fact that the sequel was a waste of time.

There are rumors of a possible Mamma Mia 3 coming up, but I really hope it stays as it is - speculations, because the first film truly makes me smile in so many ways. I hope that if you haven''t seen it, you''ll get the first chance to watch it because of this article. Soon enough, you''ll be a "Dancing Queen."