The Stars Are Already Talking About If Season 19 Will Be Their Last Before Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Finale

The Stars Are Already Talking About If Season 19 Will Be Their Last Before Grey's Anatomy Season 18  ...

There is still one episode left before the Season 18 finale for Greys Anatomy, but questions have already been raised about the future of the ABC hit. Ellen Pompeo, who is also an executive producer, has spoken openly about ending the series one season at a time, and reextending her contract with the show one season at a time only ensures that there will be a lot of discussion and speculation about the series'' longevity.

When ABC announced that Grey''s Anatomy will continue for another season, no specifics were made on whether or not it would be the last. However, Craig Erwich, the president of ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals, said the network will take as much as they can. On Good Morning America, when Michael Strahan said that Season 19 is thought to be the coming year.

Does anybody know what they say? Look, don''t pay attention to Strahan. He doesn''t really know what you''re talking about. Im just saying that you really dont know what youre talking about. Im just gonna say that. Right here, right here. Strahan doesn''t know what he''s talking about.

Chandra Wilson''s performance demonstrates how she and James Pickens Jr. had previously extended their contracts to include a 19th season, but there are still options ahead of the next year.

Kevin McKidd, who has previously agreed to continue playing Owen Hunt in a multi-season program, told People that as a medical show, they don''t have the difficulties that other series may encounter when their story becomes troubling, because there are endless stories to tell with those who come into the hospital for help. However, he didn''t expect Greys Anatomy to last as long as it has:

I''m not sure how this show concludes at this point. We all thought this season was going to be the end. I felt we were all entrusting ourselves to it this season. However, the audience seems to want something more.

We definitely do our 400th episode, which coincides with the season finale, and People reported that executive producer Debbie Allen addressed the show''s longevity as the cast celebrated the milestone. She seemed to think the series still has some legs on it:

Our children might end up participating in this program. That''s how great it is and puts it at the test of time.

Greys Anatomy has made a lot of people happy for a long time, and Im sure they''d be interested in seeing their favorite Seattle (and possibly Minnesota?) surgeon stick around. In the meantime, here''s what we should keep an eye on!

Following the season finale of Station 19 on ABC, Greys Anatomy returns on Thursday, May 19, 2017. Check out our TV schedule for 2022 to see what shows will premiere soon!