Why was the Kardashians showrunner surprised by the fan response to Pete Davidson's absence from the show?

Why was the Kardashians showrunner surprised by the fan response to Pete Davidson's absence from the ...

Hulus The Kardashians, aka the new and improved Keeping Up with the Kardashians, is currently streaming on the platform. This particular program, although it isn''t too much different from its predecessor, despite the famous family causing a bad reaction during the Season 1, which they initially encountered with camera-eye contact. However, fans initially expressed their surprise over Kims new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, who was never shown on the show at the time of the filming. However, the showrunner is a bit surprised by their

Danielle King, a showrunner and executive producer, spoke with Insider and was honest that Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, Kendall, and Kylie were leading the direction of the reality series. (Which is anticipated, given how they are also doubling as executive producers themselves on the project.) However, King said that the relationship with Pete Davidson will be discussed in more depth in an upcoming episode, according to the following statement.

We respect the cast''s boundaries, and you know, Kim was beginning a new relationship. In the film upcoming, Kim aims to respond to that.

Not only was the Saturday Night Live feature not included in the program this go-around, he was not there for the Hollywood premiere of The Kardashians. Kim Kardashian told the press during the event that while their family is aiming for a large number of seasons for the series, they give themselves the choice when it comes to opting out of talking.

Neither the show nor the creator of the SKIMS have dragged away from the previously deeply sensitive subject of her old sex tape with Ray J, which was eventually shared again in profound dramatic fashion via Roblox. Her showrunner confirmed that certain aspects of the casts lives do not necessarily need to be immediately available for viewer consumption.

I''m not certain about this. Anyone who''s just starting a new relationship will take a moment before they''ll have the opportunity to share it with the world. It''s just human. It''s surreal to me that people are surprised that they wanted to keep the beginning of their relationship a little bit private. Doesn''t it all sound like they?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have gone both on Instagram and red carpet. Several people have been seen arm-in-arm attending the White House Correspondents Dinner and the Met Gala. (Still, the latter event saw a bit of controversy about eating comments.)

In the past, Kim Kardashian said that Pete Davidson might just appear in the future seasons of The Kardashians. This means, for the first time, Kanye West may play on the show for good. Even if Kim supposedly ended his social media feud with the comedian, it becomes evident that they dont see eye-to-eye. In the future episodes, we''ll just need to see how Kim handles her relationship with Davidson (streaming every Thursday for those who have a Hulu subscription).