James Corden begins his investigation into the decision to leave the late late show and the desire to stand out on top

James Corden begins his investigation into the decision to leave the late late show and the desire t ...

Many viewers were surprised by James Corden''s decision to leave The Late Late Show. However, some participants were not as pleased with the news, because he has yet another year left on his contract before being officially signed off. Now, shortly after making the major announcement, the host has expanded his desire to "go out on top."

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the Prom actor revealed more about his life-changing decision. Although hosting the show for seven years has been a dream come true for him, however, this latest move is all about timing.

I felt like we''d done enough? Perhaps we''d just do everything we wanted to do. When I took the job, I wasn''t worried, because, firstly, I felt like we''d be on the air six months later. Then as soon as it seemed like we''d be on the air, I was very convinced that the show would not overstay its welcome in any way, and that we would always know when to go out. That''s really important.

Given how popular the late-night program is at this point, it appears like James Corden has accomplished everything he wanted to do with it. Apple TV+s Carpool Karaoke and TBSs Drop the Mic have both been successful roles. With that, one can understand why he would be able to make it up.

It was really hard, and, you know, there is family decisions and all of those things. I just couldn''t shake that, but I might try and return myself somehow... There might be a new adventure, there might be a new journey that I may be capable of. If I stay in this safe, you know?

Participating in the weekly television grind can be beneficial to a multidisciplinary person, although the show is where he''s truly made his name with American audiences, but he''s also been racking up a number of high-profile movie and television shows over the last few years, which are keeping him busy. With this, he''s grateful that he has the freedom to leave his CBS job on his own terms.

Whoever takes the time to decide? Sure not in this industry. Whoever takes the time to make their own decisions? Never. Even if you just take a run and jump, I remember repeating myself: ''I''d rather regret doing something than not doing something.'' Now, I''ve seen this trend.

Change is rarely a difficult task, but at some point, you just want to try something new. Evidently, the TV personality wants to do more than sing with celebrities in cars or eat cows tongues. And hell have the freedom to pursue whatever opportunities he wants once he signs off in 2023.

Another reason he is leaving the late-night chatfest might be to his family. The entertainer stated that his and his wife wanted their young children to grow up around their extended family across the pond. He previously admitted that the epidemic took a huge toll on him when it comes to spending time with his family.

James Corden isn''t the only person who''ll be leaving the talk show space. Ellen DeGeneres is counting down to the final episode of her show, while Nick Cannon, Wendy Williams, and The Real are all set to join up, as well as new talk shows from The View vet Sherri Shepherd (Williams'' replacement) and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, who might qualify for some competition from fellow American Idol vet Kelly Clarkson.

The Late Late Show host''s departure is likely to dissipate some, but they should notice that he intends to go out on a tight note before starting out with other hobbies.