In Apex Legends, how to play Revenant

In Apex Legends, how to play Revenant ...

Revenant, a new playable character for Apex teams in the fourth season, has been incorporated. While a few of the simulacrums has changed over the years, the robotically-engineered assassin has a fantastic ability to clear an enemy squad, earning the character his Synthetic Nightmare moniker.

The Revenants kit encourages an aggressive playstyle, but players may utilize his abilities as zoning tools or a weapon of escape. He is a completely unique mechanic in the battle royale, and serves as a way for players to go on the offensive, with an insurance plan in the event that things go south.

Passive Stalker

Revenant''s passive allows players to walk faster while restrained, as fast as his normal walk. However, the larger range of climbing his passive allows is the ability to scale sheer walls, imposing a six-fold higher standard of maneuvering on many locations and repositioning to high ground quickly, and even surprise unsuspecting enemies on the back of buildings.

Tactical (Q) Silence

Revenant blasts out a device that deals damage within a radius and disables enemy abilities for 15 seconds. The devices radius is relatively small, meaning players will need to position the ability carefully. While they select when and where to launch the device, Revenant takes out a device that keeps damage under a lid. This device lasts for 10 seconds.

Unless an enemy leaves the devices radius, the device performs 10 damage. Even if the enemy leaves the devices radius, they will remain silent for the rest of the silences duration. Revenant may cover multiple angles, or combine two devices in a similar space to create a much larger effect.

Although silence is best when used before players fight, most teams will be at a disadvantage if just one or two of their players are silenced. However, returning players will need to ensure theyre not launching the grenade into a Wattson final, or the ability will be absorbed by the enemy defenses.

The Silences radius can be used as a zoning tool; placing it in doorways requires opponents to choose between moving through the doorway and being silenced, or avoiding the path altogether.

Ultimate Death Totem

Revenants ultimate crushes a stationary totem. Allies can then interact with the totem and enter a shadow mode, which ignores shield damage and respawns players back at the totem if they are killed. If players aren''t killed in that time, theyll leave the shadow mode. When the shadow mode closes, players and enemies hear a sound cue.

When a Death Totem is placed, it emits a sound cue and a visual effect from the totem, alerting enemies to its presence. Examples of Death Totem are the Octanes Launch Pad, Ashs Phase Tear, and Pathfinders Zipline Gun. Because players return to the totem with full shields and half health, a Revenant squad can often push an enemy team a second time owing to the damage they deal while in shadow form.