Alan Wakes' anniversary video reveals updates on a sequel, remaster, and a new television series

Alan Wakes' anniversary video reveals updates on a sequel, remaster, and a new television series ...

Today, Remedy Entertainment began a celebration video for the Alan Wake franchise with creative director Sam Lakethe who plays Alan WakeIkka Villi and the characters voice actor Matthew Porretta. The video shared the latest news about Alan Wake 2, a Nintendo Switch version of the Alan Wake remastered version, and a fresh live-action television series.

Alan Wake''s sequel to the 2010 season, which will be the studio''s first survival horror game, is in development. Everything is going really well, according to Lake in the video. A lot of the game is playable. However, we have decided that we will not be showing anything significant this summer.

The release date for the 2023 game is still uncertain, but Lake added that making a playable demo or trailer for a possible reveal was ruled out, because it would take too long and time to develop the games.

Porretta said the second game is showing more about who Alan is. Personally, you see more joy coming from him, and thats really encouraging for me. It was a new genre, but it was also expanding the character''s depth, according to Lake. So players may expect a deeper and more mature experience within the game.

Here''s a peek at a few items of concept art for the game.

The art does not reveal much additional information other than the setting, but depicts the protagonist on the roof of a building, walking the streets, and talking in a phone booth. One of the paintings depicts a very sinister old lady, perhaps a new adversary.

The first Alan Wake game will be released on Switch later this year. Lake stated that the game will run natively in the console rather than in a cloud version. And the other announcement was that AMC will have a live-action TV series based on the Walking Dead series.

Fans of Alan Wake have received a lot of money on the franchises anniversary, and will have plenty to look forward to until the sequel to the game gets released, which is set to arrive 13 years after its initial success.