On May 17, 505 Games will host a Showcase presentation for Spring 2022

On May 17, 505 Games will host a Showcase presentation for Spring 2022 ...

Publisher 505 Games has today announced that it will conduct its first digital presentation for its upcoming games. The conference will be streamed on the official 505 Games YouTube channel next Tuesday, May 17, at 3pm CET.

505 Games is well-known for Control, Dead By Daylight, and Death Stranding, but has never experienced a digital showcase like this before. It should give you some information about these important projects this year, and perhaps for future titles beginning in 2023.

In our Spring 2022 presentation, Antonela Pounder, the publisher''s director, said that she will prepare for updates on previously announced titles as well as a surprise or two.

According to VGC, the 505 Games presentation will include a brand new reveal from a legendary developer. As 505 continues to grow, the company''s president said it''s important to keep shouting about the amazing developers they were proud to work with and the fantastic games they make. Despite the fact, the show will also feature inside-depth developer interviews.

The company works with the production and distribution of various types of games, including as a PC distributor for games that have already had other manufacturers on consoles. However, the event may reveal additional information about 505 independent titles, such as Stardew Valley, Dont Starve, and Terraria.