On day one of the Dota Pro Circuit Stockholm Major, Gaimin Gladiators wake up

On day one of the Dota Pro Circuit Stockholm Major, Gaimin Gladiators wake up ...

The 2022 Dota Pro Circuits Spring Tour Major initially seemed to be a chance for Western Europe players to dominate the competition. However, teams with very little experience at LAN events increased to take some impressive victories from the third match.

Gaimin Gladiators, the former Team Tickles roster, was beaten by storm during the DPC season for the first time. During their first appearance at an offline event, the team swept out of TSM, but also beat Team Spirit, the defending international champion.

Dota is a great pro scene. It''s just impossible to see sportsmanship like this in other esports. @Team_Spirit, reigning TI champions, give a up and coming squad @GaiminGladiator a free victory by last picking a windranger who excels in sportsmanship.

Even with three wins on the day, GG isn''t the top seed in Group B. The honor currently sits with Thunder Awakenpartially because of a technicality as Mind Games was forced to forfeit their first game due to travel delays caused by unforeseen visa issues.

@ThunderA_Dota2 IS COMEBACK IN REAL TIME! #ESLOne pic.twitter.com/QV9V2EZWhU

The TA''s current roster has dominated the South American regional leagues this season, but only captain Farith Matthew Puente has any real offline experience, having appeared at The International 2017 with Infamous. This lack of experience did not impact the team at all, as they kept true to their aggressive and well-time SA playstyle, sweeping Team Liquid, and doing some impressive maneuvers, including dragging MATUMBAMAN back into their fountain.

OG was the only other team to win at least three games, sweeping beastcoast and splitting the match with BOOM Esports to take the top spot in Group A.

JK confesses to his death right after his death.

The last-placed team in each group will be eliminated from the Major at the end of the group stage. Even though Liquid is off to a rough start after an 0-2 loss to GG, Evil Geniuses is experiencing some real concern after being swept twice.

For the first time since 2019 though this is the current rosters first Major, EG dropped lost all four games against Tundra Esports and T1, leaving them in the last place with matches against BOOM and OG still on their calendar. This means they will either need to win against both beastcoast and BetBoom Team to ensure a better record.

SKELETON MVP #ESLOne pic.twitter.com/2WwQmYbrku

In preparation for Group Two, OG and T1 will kick off the action in a matchup that might be crucial for their final match. A powerful clash between Spirit and TA should also give fans a good showing to prepare the days schedule.