RNG win their first MSI 2022 game against the Istanbul Wildcats after breaking records

RNG win their first MSI 2022 game against the Istanbul Wildcats after breaking records ...

Royal Never Give Up successfully won their first game of the 2022 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational today against the Istanbul Wildcats. During the previous three days, the team had had three games in convincing fashion, but those victories were eliminated as a result of the Riot Games'' latency. RNG have not participated in MSI 2022 remotely because of possible travel restrictions and constraints.

RNG were ranked back ahead of today''s games, as their record was wiped clean and reclaimed to 0-0. Despite this initial victory over the Istanbul Wildcats, the LPL champions are now on the team.

According to league statistics website Games of Legends, today''s victory against Istanbul was facilitated mainly by AD carry GALA, who was a major factor in RNGs three now-void victories. GALA received three kills in the first six minutes of the game and was off to the races. In today''s game, the MSI 2021 MVP advanced with a stunning final scoreline of 8/3/12.

RED Canids, Istanbul Wildcats, and PSG Talon all entered the day in a three-way tie for the first time, with even records of 1-1, seeing their losses from Chinese representatives completely eliminated. Today, the whole group will play the remainder of its regular scheduled games.

RNG will play two additional games today against PSG and RED Canids. After scheduled games between Group C teams, the make-up games that had been erased from the first round robin will all be replayed tomorrow. By then, RNG will have ecstatic.

Update May 13:32am CT:Originally, RNG will play two make-up games tomorrow and one on Sunday. An updated version of the MSI schedule demonstrates that RNG will play all three games tomorrow.