Why are RNG reorganizing three group stage games at MSI 2022?

Why are RNG reorganizing three group stage games at MSI 2022? ...

Royal Never Give Up are being forced to replay three of their games at the 2022 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational. Today, the teams first three games of the group stage were eliminated from the record books after Riot Games discovered an unintended disparity in latency during RNGs games. RNG is the only team that has competed remotely due to COVID-related travel limitations.

Riot has been using a specialized network latency-regulating tool to keep the ping of MSI games at around 35 milliseconds for all participants, ensuring that the event will be held as fair as possible. Despite the fact that the latency tool was not showing the correct ping for MSI players in the event.

Before the second round-robin of the group stage began on May 13, the RNGs set a new low to 0-0, and the three matches that they had played over the first three days of the tournament were dismissed.

Following Day 3, we discovered that there was a discrepancy in the latency being reported in game logs for all matches versus what was being experienced in the Busan venue, according to Alex Francois, the global head of competitive operations at Riot Games.

Alex Francois, the Global Head of Competitive Operations, Riot Games http://t.co/YIe1r2vx0c pic.twitter.com/ynVyw0wuPn

RNG won all three of the first round-robin games, defeating the Istanbul Wildcats on day one of MSI, PSG Talon on day two, and RED Canids on day three. However, those victories were ended due to the latency limitation and will be replayed on May 14. Following the scheduled games on the day, RNG will play a tripleheader against the three opponents in their group.

RNG won all three of the three games with a corrected latency. Tomorrow, the team will return to the MSI stage for their three make-up games.